Class 11th English ardhvaarshik pariksha paper 2023 solution

Class 11th English ardhvaarshik pariksha paper 2023 solution : एमपी बोर्ड अर्द्धवार्षिक परीक्षा पेपर कक्षा-11वीं अँग्रेजी 2022,23


Class 11th english Ardhvarshik pariksha paper 2023 solution : hello friends welcome to our blog and in this post you will see that the half yearly exam 2023 class 11th english and mp board class 11th english half yearly paper 2023 PDF

Half yearly paper 2023 Class 11th english

Board- Mp
Subject- English
Post- 11th English half yearly paper 2023

Ardhvarshik pariksha paper class 11th english 2023

Half Yearly Exam 2022, 23
Q. 1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below.
Academics has always been an essential part of human development. It prepares us to survive in the
outside world and establish an identity of our own. But, is an individual’s development restricted to
merely academics? In India, from an early age, we have been taught that education is limited to the
boundaries of academics only; the idea of getting out into the field, for gaining practical experience, is
always considered a hoax.

Half yearly exam paper 2023 Class 11th english

This has hindered students’ development. But the truth is that education
represents a considerably broader field than we know of it. Our teaching, from the basics, has been
focused on getting good grades and job offers, rather than being creative and unique.
In the 21stcentury, the pure academic type of education is slowly paving way for a whole new type. The
paradigm shift in the whole education system is evident. People have now come to understand that
education is a 360degree activity that should focus on students’ overall development, rather than
restricting him/her to the classroom.
Co-curricular activities that take place outside the classroom but reinforce or supplement classroom
curriculum, in some way, have become a point of focus today. These activities help in the growth of the
child, in more than one way. Participating in such activities helps youngsters grow mentally, socially and
Individually. Intellectual development of a student is developed in the classroom, but for the aesthetic
development such as team-building, character- building, and physical growth, students must step out
into the outside world. For instance, if a student is a part of school football team, he/she will learn
team-work and coordination, in a practical manner, which cannot be taught in the class.

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Mp Board Class 11th english half yearly paper 2023

1) What is an essential part of human development?
(a) Identity
(b) experience
II) What is considered a hoax?
(a) academics
(b) education
Ili) What has hindered students’ development?
(a)working in outside world
(b)learning team work
(c)gaining practical experience
(d) limiting education to boundaries of academics
Iv) The shift in education system means-
(a) o restrict classroom activities
(b) to ignore 360-degree development
(c) to focus on overall development
(d) to develop academics only
vili)The time period of 100 years is
(a) decade
(c) academics
v) Which of the following is similar in meaning to the word “hoax’-
(a) truth
(b) untrue
(c) unmask
vi) Which activities have become a point of focus today?
(a) classroom activities
(c)teaching activities
viijWhy must students step out into the outside world?
(a) to see the world
(c) for aesthetic development
x) Classroom teaching provides-
(a) practical exposure
(c)the foundation
(c) practical experience (d) coordination
(blacademic activities
(d) co-curricular activities
(b)for physical development
(d) for mental development
ix) Which of the following is the correct antonym of ‘unique”-
(a) rare
(c) special
(d) curriculum
(c) millennium
(d) uncover
(d) anniversary
(d) unusual
(b)chance to learn other skills
(d) limitless opportunities for development

Mp board 11th english half yearly paper 2023

11th English ardhvarshik pariksha paper 2023 PDF

Q.2 Read the following passage and make notes on the basis of your comprehension of the
passage. Give a suitable title. Write a short summary on the basis of your notes.
Despite all the research every one of us catches a cold and most of us catch it frequently. Our failure to
control one of the commonest of all ailments sometimes seems ridiculous. Medical science regularly
practices transplant surgery and has rid whole countries of such fatal diseases as Typhus and the Plague.
But the problem of the common cold is unusually difficult and much has yet to be done to solve it.
It is known that a cold is caused by one of a number of viral infections that affect the lining of the nose
and other passages leading to the lungs but the confusing variety of viruses makes study and remedy
very difficult. It was shown in 1960 that many typical colds in adults are caused by one or the other of a
family of viruses known as rhinoviruses, yet there still remain many colds for which no virus has as yet
been isolated. There is also the difficulty that because they are so much smaller than the bacteria which
cause many other infections, viruses cannot be seen with ordinary microscopes.

Ardhvarshik pariksha 2023 class 11th english

(Writing Skills)
Q.3 You are the school captain of the Govt. Kamla Nehru Girls Higher
Secondary School, Rewa. Write a NOTICE for all the other
members of the student council to attend a meeting to prepare a
plan for annual function.
Draft a suitable classified advertisement to sell an old Maruti Zen
car, to be published in the local newspaper.

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