Half Yearly Exam Class 12th English ardhvaarshik paper 2023 solution

Half Yearly Exam Class 12th English ardhvaarshik paper 2023 solution | अर्द्धवार्षिक परीक्षा पेपर 5 जनवरी कक्षा 12वीं अंग्रेजी एमपी बोर्ड अर्धवार्षिक पेपर 2023


Half Yearly Exam Class 12th English ardhvaarshik paper 2023 solution: hello friends welcome to our blog and in this post you will see that the half yearly exam 2023 class 12th english and mp board class 12th english half yearly paper 2023 PDF

Class 12th English ardhvaarshik pariksha paper 2023 solution Pdf

Time: 3 00 Hrs.
1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Marks of questions are given against them.
Class: 12th
Subject: English
Q. 1. Read the following two passages and answer the questions that follow.
Passage 1

अर्धवार्षिक पेपर 2022 कक्षा बारहवीं विषय अंग्रेजी
कक्षा 12 इंग्लिश का अर्धवार्षिक पेपर

The victory of the small Greek democracy of Athens over the mighty Persian Empire in 490 B.C.
is one of the most famous events in history. Darius, King of the Persian Empire, was furious
because Athens had interceded for the other Greek city-states in revolt against Persian
domination. In anger the King sent an enormous army to defeat Athens. He thought it would take
drastic steps to pacify the rebellious part of the Empire. Persia was ruled by one man. In Athens,
however, all citizens helped to rule. Ennobled by this participation, Athenians were prepared to
die for their city-state. Perhaps this was the secret of the remarkable victory at Marathon, which
freed them from Persian rule. On their way to Marathon, the Persians tried to fool some Greek
city-states by claiming to have come in peace. The frightened citizens of Delos refused to believe
this. Not wanting to abet the conques of Greece, they fled from their city and did not return until
the Persians had left. They were wise, for the Persians next conquered the city of Etria and
captured its people. Tiny Athens stood alone against Persia. The Athenian people went to their
sanctuaries. There they prayed for deliverance. They asked their Gods to expedite their victory.
The Athenians refurbished their weapons and moved to the plain of Marathon, where their little
band would meet the Persians. At the last moment, soldiers from Plataea reinforced the Athenian
troops. The Athenian army attacked, and Greek citizens fought bravely. The power of the mighty
Persians was offset by the love that the Athenians had for their city. Athenians defeated the
Persians in archery and hand combat. Greek soldiers seized Persian ships and burned them, and
the Persians fled in terror. Herodotus, a famous historian, reports that 6400 Persians died,
compared with only 192 Athenians.
i. Who has given an account of the battle between Greece and Persia?
(a) Herodotus
(c) Plataea
ii. What did the Athenians do to expedite victory?
(a) They prayed for assistance of neighbouring states.
(c) They equipped their army with better weapons.
iii. Marathon was the place where
(a) Athenians achieved victory
(c) people went to sanctuaries
iv. In the passage ‘intercede’ means to
7. This is a passage about
(a) committed patriotism
(c) military strategy
(a) support without any conditions
(c) argue in favour of
vi. Whom should we forgive?
(a) Father
vii. What is difficult to forget?
(b) Darius
(d) None of the above
(b) Adversary
(b) They fooled the Persians by retreating.
(d) They sought divine assistance.
(b) Darius ruled
(d) Greeks seized Persian ships
(b) justify with examples
(d) intervene on behalf of

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ardhvaarshik Pariksha 2022,23 kaksha 12 angreji ka paper

Passage 2
Suppose your son misbehaves with you, or your father one day in his anger is unduly severe to
you, it is no great virtue to forgive them. Suppose a brother or yours does you some harm, and
you say, “Never mind, you are my brother, I let you go,” there is no great virtue in that. The difficulty
s when you have to forget the sins of your enemies. If your adversary who has always hated you.
does you some fresh injury and you forgive that, then it is a real act of forgiveness. It is that which
he Mahatma preaches. He says, “Forgive thine enemies,” which is one of the teachings of Jesus
Christ. It is a mistake to think Christianity alone preaches the virtue. Other religions also teach it.
Now Gandhi is preeminently a Hindu, and he says he is living the best part of Hinduism when he
nimself forgives the sins of enemies, and asks people to love them as their friends.
(c) Son
(d) Brother
(b) Sins of enemies.
(d) Sins of parents.
(b) social harmony
(d) historical record.
(a) Sins of brothers.
(c) Sins of friends.
vili. “Forgive thine enemies”- is one of the teachings of____.
(a) Mahaveer
(b) Jesus Christ
ix. What virtue of Gandhiji is the author talking about?
(a) Courage
(b) Selflessness
x. The antonym for ‘adversary’ is
M. M. 80
(c) Mohammed
(d) Gandhiji
(b) Forgiveness
(c) assailant

Class 12th English half yearly exam 2023

Mp Board Class 12th english half yearly paper 2023 PDF

Q. 2. Make notes on the following passage and give a suitable title to it.
Women’s education in India is one of the foremost concerns of the Government of India as well
as of the society at large. It is due to the fact that at the present time, the educated women play
a very significant role in overall development and progress of the country: Women hold a
prominent position in Indian society and all over the world. However, since the prehistoric times
women were denied opportunities and had to suffer for the hegemonic masculine ideology. This
unjustifiable and unwarrantable oppression had resulted into a movement that was fought to
achieve the equal status of women all over the world. Women’s education in India is the
consequence of such progress and this led to the tremendous improvement of women’s condition
throughout the world. Nevertheless, eradication of female illiteracy is considered as a major
concern  In the present era, Indian society has established a number of institutions for the
educational development of women and girls. These educational institutions aim for immense
help and are concerned with the development of women. In modern society, women in India have
come a long way. Indian women are at par with men in all kinds of tasks like reaching the moon,
conquering Mount Everest, and participating in all fields. All this is possible just because of
education and the profound impact it has had on women.
(a) Piety

12th English half yearly Question paper 2023 PDF Download

Q. 3. Design a poster to urge the public to avoid plastics.
You want to let a 3-bedroom flat in Shalimar Apartments. Write a notice to announce it.
Q. 4. Write a letter to your friend advising him to celebrate Diwali without crackers.
Write an application to your principal requesting him to allow you to opt for Humanities subjects

Q. 5. Write an article on any one of the following topics in about  words. (4)
a. Corruption in everyday life
b. Importance of newspapers in Democracy
c. Value of games and sports
d. Online education: advantages and disadvantages
e. The importance of English for getting a good job
Q. 6. Fill in the blanks choosing the correct answer from the given options. (any five) (1×5=5)
(i) We keep our food in the fridge_it does not go bad. (after, so that, since, although)
(ii) You
not feel sorry for this petty mistake. (are, need, do, have)
(i)room of this hotel has an AC. (each, every, some)
English. (in, of, at, on)
(iv) He is good
(v) I do that sum for you? (shall, will, can, may)
(vi) No sooner did the boy see the cobra he ran away. (as soon, than, as, so)

Half yearly paper 2022, 23 class 12th english mp board

Q. 7. Do as directed. (any five)
(i) The hotel was quite cheap.
The hotel was very comfortable. (Combine the sentences using ‘not only but also’)
(ii)They did not come to the party.
They did not apologize for it. (Combine the sentences using ‘neither____ nor’)
(iii) He saves money so that he may buy a car.
(v) Who are they?
I don’t know.
(Change the above sentence into a non-finite clause)
(iv) failed to understand what I had done to arouse his fury.
The above sentence is a –
a. nominal clause
b. adjective clause
(Combine the sentences using a noun clause)
(vi) The apple is too sour to eat. (Rewrite using ‘so_ that instead of ‘too__ to’)
yness; but will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
(1). Name the poem and the poet?
(ii). How is a thing of beauty a joy forever?
(iii). What do you understand by a “bower”?

class 12th English ardhvaarshik paper 2023, 5 January

class 12th English half yearly exam question paper 2023 pdf

(i)Who, in  world, is our chief source of information about personalities?
(ii) Why do you think the servants thought Gandhiji to be another peasant?
(iii) How did the peddler look?
(iv)When did Douglas join the Y.M.C.A. pool and why?
(v) What is Saheb looking for in the garbago?
Q.11-Answer the following questions in brief.
(i)Why are young trees described as sprinting?
(ii)What does a thing of beauty do for us?
(ii) Why does the poet ask us to keep still?
Q.9.(B)-Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow. (1×4-4)
“Early this year, I found myself aboard a Russian research vessel-the Akademik Shckalskiy-
heading towards the coldest, driest, windiest continent in the world ‘Antarctica”. My journey began
13.09 degrees north of the Equator in Madras, and involved crossing nine time zones, six
checkpoints, three bodies of water, and at least as many ecospheres”.
(1). What is “Akademik Shokalskiy”?
(ii). Which is the coldest continent in the world?
(iii). Where did the author begin his journey from?
(iv). What was involved in his journey?
Q.10-Answer these questions In about 30 words.
Q.12-Answer the following questions in brief.
(1) Who is the Tiger king? Why does he get this name?
(ii) Will Dr. Sadao be arrested on the charge of harbouring an enemy?
c. adverb clause
Q.13-Answer the following questions in about 75 words each.
(i)How did M. Hamel display his love for the French Language?
(ii) Do you think Umberto Eco likes being interviewed? Give reasons for your opinion.
Q.15-Answer the following question in about 75 words.
Who is Jo? How does she respond to her father’s story telling?

Q.14-Answer the following question in about 75 words.
What does the poet want for the children of the slums? How can their lives be made to change?
“The world’s geological history is trapped in Antarctica”. How is the study of this region useful to us?

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