Makkar ielts speaking 2024 may to August

Makkar ielts speaking 2024 May to August : Hello friends welcome to our blog and in this post you will see that the Makkar ielts speaking 2024 January to april free Makkar ielts speaking 2024 Pdf Cub card and also some important questions kiran Makkar’s ielts speaking Pdf 2024. If you want to learn a english So the best book Kiran Makkar ielts speaking Pdf 2024 May to August . You can Easily learn and Quickly read This book. if you want to more Information about Makkar’s ielts speaking Pdf 2024 Cub card kiran makkar so you can read full this article


Sure, the Makkar IELTS Speaking book 2024 is a popular resource among IELTS test-takers. It provides a comprehensive overview of the speaking section, offering strategies, tips, and a wide range of cue cards and topics that frequently appear in the IELTS speaking test. The book aims to help candidates improve their speaking skills by familiarizing them with various topics and providing sample answers for reference. It’s a valuable tool to practice and prepare for the speaking section of the IELTS exam.

Makkar ielts speaking 2024 May to August

Post Makkar ielts speaking 2024
MonthsMay To August Makkar ielts speaking free
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Makkar ielts speaking 2024

1. Describe a time when you were stuck in a traffic jam..
Describe an invention that has changed how people live.
Describe a family member whom you would like to work with in the future.
Talk about an important river or lake in your country or hometown……
Talk about a traditional object of your country or Talk about a traditional product of your country that you bought……….
6. Describe a positive change in your life.
Talk about an important/Special event you celebrated.
Describe a time when you observed the stars.
Describe a plant, vegetable or crop that you are familiar with…
Describe a chocolate you didn’t like..
An interesting neighbour
Describe A competition you would like to take part in.
13. Talk about a special day which was not that expensive or on which you didn’t have to spend a lot of money..

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Importants topics Kiran Makkar’s ielts speaking

Something that helps you concentrate.
Describe an activity you do to keep fit.
Describe a fishing area that you visited once..
Describe an introvert person whom you know..
Describe something that saves your time..
Describe something important that you lost.
Describe an interesting thing you have learned from a foreign culture…
Describe an occasion when you got positive feedback for work that you did
Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in.
Describe a creative person whose work you admire..
Describe a difficult decision that you once made..

ielts speaking download may to August

Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully
Describe something you received for free……..
Describe a famous person that you are interested in.
Describe a toy you liked in your childhood….
31. Describe your experience when you changed your school/college” or Describe an experience about moving to a new school or house…
Describe something that was broken in your home and then repaired..

Describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved.

Cue card 2024 Makkar ielts Speaking with answers download

What do you think about making friends on social networking sites?

I think it’s not safe to make friends on social media because it’s very easy for people to pretend to be someone else. I think we should rather use it to keep in touch with real life friends.

• We all need to share many things in our day to day life.

I also share many things with my siblings and friends.
• Here I would like to talk about something I shared with my friend, Rohan.

I shared my books and notes with him.
It so happened that just 15 days before our +2 final exam, Rohan lost his whole school bag.

All his books and notes were in that bag.
He kept it in the school ground as he wanted to play cricket for some time.
After the game, he could not find his bag anywhere.

makkar ielts speaking Important Topics Questions Answers 2024

He looked everywhere and asked everyone who was there, but no one knew anything about it.

Someone had obviously stolen it.
Actually, he used to always stand first in class and his notes were very precious.
He was literally on the verge of tears.

I told him not to panic and offered to share all my notes and books with him till the exams.

Fortunately, he lives in my   neighbourhood.

• So, sharing all these books and notes with him was easy.

. Most of my notes were copied from his notebooks only.

New cue card 2024 PDF Kiran Makkar Speaking Guesswork (First Version)

Final version will be available after 2024 on our website

Describe a city that you think is very interesting..
Describe a rule that you don’t like……
Describe someone you really like to spend time with.
Describe a time you visited a new place………
Describe a house or an apartment you would like to live in.
Describe a person who contributes to the society.
Describe a story someone told you and you remember.
Describe a gift you would like to buy for your friend.
Describe a thing you cannot live without (not a mobile or computer)
Describe a person who impressed you the most when you were in primary school.
Describe an item on which you spent more than expected.
Describe an activity that you usually do that wastes your time……….

May to August Makkar Ielts Speaking 2024

32. Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about..
Describe a resolution you made in the new year…….
Describe a skill that you learned from older people.
Describe a person you follow on social media.
Describe a thing you did to learn another language.
Describe a course that impressed you a lot..
Describe an interesting song
Describe a special cake you received from others..
Describe an interesting conversation you had with your friend.
Describe a place in a village that you visited……….
Describe a long walk you ever had.
Describe an item of clothing that someone gave you or Describe an important piece of clothing

Makkar 2024 Speaking Guesswork (First Version)

Final version will be available after 17th on our website
78. Describe a time you saw something interesting on social media When it was Where you saw it What you saw And explain why you think it was interesting

I think social media has become a very important part of our life nowadays.
Among the different social media platforms, I use Instagram the most.
One of my favorite Instagram channels is 10-minute crafts.

I find this channel very interesting, and I am always waiting for their new posts.
The channel posts about different arts and crafts which people can learn in under 10 minutes.

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