SA1 10th class Ap telugu Question Paper 2023 PDF

SA1 10th class Ap telugu Question Paper 2023 PDF |AP SA 1 class 10th Telgu question papers 2023 PDF download


SA1 10th class Ap telugu Question Paper 2023 PDF

Time: 3 Hrs. 15 min.
1. The question paper consists of three sections.
2. Allow 15 minutes for reading the question paper and 3 hours for writing the answers.
3. Students should write all the answers in the booklet provided.
Answers should be written clearly and roundly.

Ap Class telugu 10th SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT 1 2023 PDF

I. Awareness – Response (32 Marks)
Write an antithesis to one of the following poems.
Ma sardarundu thortan badi yasanmargambunan boye, you
Don’t enter the Dosambun mine, your home is open.
Banichedan, Natalligan Doduga in my army
Conducted by Dosilan; Ne Kanulayandun Dalmi Sarimpumi!

10th class telugu Question Paper 2023


Carambolan Brium, which is long and slender Besangga khachi Nikki Rajneeshwarun Dunantalilan Jerchu na
Kasa Manu Peri Bhuruhamu Kantanirantara Taraka Lasa
Tsukusuma Chayambu Goyutakoko Yanan Branke Samutsukakritin
Fill in one of the following verses without interruption and write the meaning. Niramuthaptalohuna ……. Golchuveeren
Tanachupambudhi …. Langinchuchon
Write the following events from a Kanda of Ramayana in correct order.
A) Vishvamitra was humbled by Dasharatha’s words.
A) Lord Rama is walking with Dhanurdhari..
e) Dasharatha distributed Divyapayasa to his wives Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikala. Questions:

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SA 1 Telugu class 10th exam Question papers 2023 PDF

AP sa1 class 10th Question paper 2023 PDF

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10th class sa1 telugu question paper 2023 pdf

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a) Where is the consciousness in folk songs?
a) Which resonates in folk songs?
e) Why do boatmen sing folk songs?
e) Make a question based on the above paragraph.
Section – II
II. Expression – Creativity (36 Marks)
Answer the following questions in four to five sentences.
5. Write about the author of Vennela Syllabus.
Write the ‘Letter’ process.
Max. Marks: 100
e) When Dasharatha performed the Putrakameshti Yagama, a divine man of great effulgence emerged from Yajnagundam.
7. Write the character of Dasharatha.
Answer the following questions in 10 or 12 sentences.
8. Villages are the birthplaces of peaceful life’. Write an answer justifying it.
Read the following unfamiliar passage and answer the given questions.
In fact, folk songs capture the spirit of energy and vitality from the life stream of the Telugu people. Therefore
Religious movements, rituals, traditions, life of Telugu people are all in folk songs
Madhura echoes in Manjula’s shrapti. The aura of poetry pervades the daily life of Telugu people. For fun,
Not only for pleasure, but also for the relaxation of toil, the boatmen and rowers sing these songs
They sing. These have simple sentiments and themes.

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Explain the reasons why the editors felt that women were the predominant makers of history.
9. What were the reasons for Lord Rama to go into exile?
Write the dialogue between Chudakarna and Veenakarna.
III. Language Subjects (32 Marks)
11. Can Lema Dhanujula win! (Identify and write the decoration in this sentence.)
12. Divide the gana of the following verse and identify the short verses and write which verse.
Anuchun Jevulu Meru Kanno Grava with Naspanditosthambu

Write about Sitapaharaana.
10. A letter to a friend, praising the poet Ramabhadra for describing Hanuman’s powers and advising him to read his works.
Write a letter.

AP SA 1 class 10th Telgu Question paper 2023 PDF

Write the answers to the following questions as indicated.
A) Bharatamata Smithakanti impressed everyone. (Write the correct meaning of the underlined word.)
A) It is better to wander than to embezzle. (Find and write the correct meaning of the underlined word.)
C) Stealing
a) Begging
b) Cheating
d) Encroachment
a) Keep the body clean. (Write synonyms for the underlined word.)
A) Women are not recognized as makers of history. (Identify and write synonyms for the underlined word.)
b) relative, wrap
A) Vanaja, Vanamu
C) Inti, Padati
Wife S
a) Sandra is also known as Vardhi. (Write the nature word for the underlined word.
A) Do not play with fire. (Identify the natural word for the underlined word and write it.)
A) Fire
b) Agini
C) Agni
a) Do not exceed the order of Gurus. (Write the opposite word for the underlined word.)
A) Remember God at dusk. (Identify and write the antonym for the underlined word.)
A) Negotiation
b) Treaty
C) Sandhu
Leo is more manly. (Write the underlined word with a hyphen.)
Write Namah + Namah – sandhi together.

10th class telugu sa 1 Question paper 2023 PDF

19. Livelihood should be created for all. (Identify and write the synonym of the underlined word.)
A) Savarnadirga Sandhi
b) Dismissal
C) Gunasandhi
20. The constellation is exalted. (Write a figurative sentence for the underlined word.)
21. Naludesalu spread the moon. (Write the correct name for the underlined word.)
22Identify and write the samabhana purvapada karmadharaya samasapada in the following.
a) Decimals
b) Lily of the valley
C) Mango
Write the answers as indicated for the following nationalities.
Bhagiratha Naya (Write the context in which this national is used.)
26. Means are not eternal. (Identify and write the modern text.)
A) Meanings are not eternal
C) Means are not eternal.
27. Hiranyak was not intelligent. (Write an opposite sentence for this sentence.)
28. Find and write the verb giving the opposite meaning in the following words.
b) Meanings are eternal
d) Money is not eternal
A) Go
b) Don’t go
c) If
29. I read the lesson. (Change this Karthari sentence to Karmani sentence and write.
d) Sanja
30. Lavanya brought curries. (What happens when this sentence becomes a Karmani sentence?)
Curries by Lavanya ………. (fill in the blank)
31. Stay cool forever. (Write which type of sentence it is.)
32. I can speak English. (Write which type of sentence it is.)
33. Wear masks. (Identify and write what kind of sentence this is.)
a) Permissive sentence b) Subjunctive sentence
c) Complex sentence
D) growth spurt
1 Ma
1 Ma.
d) going
23. Sweeping all that is (Write own sentence using this national.)
2 Ma.
24It is useless to tell a fool like blowing a conch in the ear of a deaf person! (Identify and write the national in this sentence.)

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