SA1 9th class telugu Question Paper 2023

SA1 9th class telugu Question Paper 2023 | AP sa1 exam Question papers 2023 Answers keys


SA1 9th class telugu Question Paper 2023: Hello friends welcome to our blog and in this post you will see that the ap Class 9th telugu sa1 Question paper 2023 answers keys PDF and there solution

SA1 9th class telugu Question Paper 2023 PDF

Time: 2.45 hrs.
Student Name:
Instructions: 1. Question Paper Booklet will be given.
2. All questions are multiple choice.
3. Answers to all questions should be marked with blue / black pen on the OMR document.
4. After identifying the correct answer to the question in the OMR opposite the question number

1. Comprehension Response (24 Marks)
Every ingredient

9th class telugu question paper 2023

Telugu 9th Class Question Paper 2023 PDF

AP 9th class sa1 telugu question paper 2023 pdf

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Pattern of Question Paper inObjective Question Pattern
4. Identify the verse by giving the opposite meanings.
Eg: Duryodhana if Matryu is not in Veyanjalam, cm

The poor do not suffer from cruelty
Somayyambulu comes to Nairayuni, again We are Bondi Srinondinan, honorees of Modambanduta Gabbun
The correct circle should be completely filled with pen.
Eg: If the answer to question 1 is 3 then this should be filled completely. 10
5. In a circle
An answer sheet filled with such marks will not be evaluated.
6. Evaluation of OMR document if more than one answer is filled or corrected for the same question
Can’t be done.
7. Complete the answers within the stipulated time and submit the OMR document to the invigilatorna.

AP sa1 class 9th telugu question paper 2023 pdf

2. Asking for punctuation.
Asking for an adequate antithesis to the sentence.
of questions
Ne magatin dalanchinam bagaku melimi lemi dhruvambu gelava! Identify the application.)
A) Kesava, Egagati, Talanchinan, Pagaku, Melimi Lemi, Dhruvambu
A) Egagati, Talanchinan, Melimi, Pagaku, Lemi, Kesava, Dhruvambu
Talanchinan, Pagaku, Melimi, Egagati Lemi, Kesava
e) Pagaya, Bhagiku, Tendayu, Subhambadi, Chenna, Yadungenepagam
In addition to this revenge, Shubambadi, Chepne, Yargunation
Eg: a) Navanimandali Varinan Shivarane Dyabhashalladis
Saibulu varde nairayuni Chuttalakum, Gavunan (Chuttalakum – Identify the appropriate antonym for the sentence.)
to relatives
e) To wife and children
( )
A) Paga, Yadagaku, Bentayu, Shubham, Say this, Yadangane, Pagan

9th class sa 1 Telugu exam question papers 2023 PDF Download

How good is it to say, Shubhambu, say that, Adangane, Pagan
e) Talambinan, Dhruvambu, Melimi, Pagdu, Lemi, Kesava, Egagata
Find the address word for it.
A) Chalalakun
A) Srinondinan
Identify the stanza with the antithesis of happiness.
a) 1st leg
a) 2nd leg
Vishangunnamanchaga, Sarupakambu Bhupisthalam
e) 42 Sarvavasyakaramau! Srikalahasteeshwara
My friends, poison is the source of divine food
Rhyme sense:
1. Identifying the verse foot after foot.
2 Regular arrangement of verse feet.
Identifying the appropriate meaning of the poem.
4. Identifying the right verse for the sense of the poem.
5. Determining with which word to start a poem foot sense.

Sa 1 9th class telugu exam paper 2023 PDF

1. Identify the regular arrangement of the feet in the above verse. (344)
Purabhava can be done in this way (or) can also be asked as follows.
1. Acharya’s Kedirimpaku (Mark the verse stanza after stanza.) (41)
a) Don’t think too much
e) 3rd leg
In the above paragraph the writer is an engineer
a) Civil
– serial number
E) Marupunan Gokkera Yundade
2. Karya lochanamu bontin jeyaku (Identify the appropriate sense for the verse)
A) Don’t do multiple thoughts alone
) to do many different ideas alone.
e) Do not perform various ceremonies alone
e) Does not do many things alone.
1. Enmity is like a snake in a snake’s house (Identify the correct verse for the sense of the poem.) (
A) Yundunetlu Chitta Mokamata
Jamunna is in the house
e) Melugaga you are a good girl
E) Bonnemuga Dintapattu Purnamu Summi
How many job opportunities did the writer in the above paragraph get?
Identify the name of the text written by the above poet.
A) Shivatandavam
e) Aeronautical
2. To which century does the above poet belong?
a) 18
w) 19
A) Prochinadora Ninda Seyam Bokamu Karya
Sumati is like a feather
2) Familiar Prose-Optional Questions:
Graduate Aeronautical Engineer I am H.A.L. I am about the hope that comes out of it
Two job opportunities came before me which fulfilled a long time dream.
e) Aduryodhana
e) 4th leg
e) Aeronautical
A) Iyadurai Solomon E) Ramanujan
Nai. Malnu ma while laughing and throwing
Like Kitchinanu Babu
Bonneuma pattu purnamu summi (Determining with which word to start the verse pada bhava.) (

e) a job
e) Kalam’s father
e) Exhortation
E) play

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3. Who am I in the above paragraph?
A) Abdul Kalam
In which text is the above paragraph?
A) native language
A) Swami Vivekananda E) Inspiration
II. Expression – Creativity, (18 Marks)
Questions on Poem: Poet’s Introduction, Process, Themes etc
Puttaparthi Narayanacharyu (1914, 1990) native place Chiyedu village of Anantapur district. Proficient in 14 languages.
Ditta who can recite poetry in 8 languages. He is well versed in music and dance. “Saraswati Putra” is their title.
Works like Sivatandavam, Meghadutam, Shaji, Kavyamala, Janapriya Ramayanam, Pandari Bhagavatam, Sakshatkaram etc.
did The English poem “Leaves in the Wind” was also written by themSivathandavam written by them is a musical literary dance
Combination of signs. Patriotism, cultural values, nationalism and humanitarian values ​​in Puttaparthi’s writings
They are squeamish.
d) 21
Questions on Prose: Poet’s introduction, process, backgrounds etc
2 × 1 = 2 m
Panuganti Lakshmi Narasimha Rao wrote many articles under the title ‘Sakshi’ with the desire of social reform. As part of that
He conveyed the greatness of our language through the character lecture ‘Janghala Shastri’. Through these kinds of lectures
Panuganti satirically pointed out the modern extreme trends in us. A lesson in developing love for language
The main purpose.

SA 1 ap 9th Class telugu question paper 2023

2. Who is Jangala Shastri?
a) Telugu scholar a) Telugu language lover e) A character
Passage: Question on Text (Short Question)
Main Purpose of Witness Essays
A) Desire for social reform
e) Elimination of child marriages
(a) Abolition of cults
e) Prevention of dowries
Ahaha! what is what is Mana Yadhyaksha Bhagawan Yalapakakalapa Mendi?
A) Students are that gentleman
During my time in Ramanathapuram, our relationship blossomed beyond the bond of guruship. Guru in this sentence
( )
a) Iyadurai Solomon a) Iyadurai Joseph e) Iyadurai Joslane e) Iyadurai Gabriel
Poem: Question on Text (Short Question)
e) old man
Who said these words?
e) Janghala Shastri e) Andhra language scholar
1. What did the cow beg the tiger for?
A) O Vyaghrama! It has been seven or eight years since my son was born. Do not graze immediately after breastfeeding
I will come It is begging to be allowed and build merit.
( )
2 x 1 = 2 m

Ap Class 9th telugu ap sa1 question paper 2023

Note: Similarly questions 3, 4 and 5 will be asked from the passages.
Poem: Question on Text (Essay Question)
A) O Vyaghrama! I will feed my son when he can graze. It is begging to be allowed and build merit.
e) O Vyaghrama! My son does not know how to graze, I will come soon after nursing him. Allow and build virtue
What did Dharmaraja ask for royal wealth?
( )
a) Dharmaraja asked that if he had some royal wealth, he would spend happily with his soldiers.
A) Dharmaraja asked that if he had some royal wealth, he would spend it happily with his friends.
e) Dharmaraja asked that if he had some royal wealth, he would pass happily with his enemies.
e) Dharmaraja asked that if he had some royal wealth, he would happily pass away with the scrolls he had with him.
Prose: Question on Text (Essay Question)
5×1 = 5 m
1. Where was Abdul Kalam’s elder brother Mustafa Kamal’s grocery store?
a) On Church Road
A) On Masjid Road
2. Who delivered the lecture in the preaching lesson?
a) Mrs. Sarojinidevi a) Mrs. Padyavathydevi e) Mrs. Bhanudevi e) Kanuparthi Varalakshmamma
e) In this temple road on station road
E) O Vyaghrama! My son does not know how to graze. I will tell him. Allow and build virtue
2 x 1 = 2 m
1. What can’t a pissed-off villain be?
A) Kalpa tree
A) Rajahamsa
e) Minister
e) King
2. Whatever the speaker says, the listener should be wise. – Who said these words to whom?
That tiger with the cow
e) with cow-child e) with child-cow
That) with the cow-tiger
Note : Similarly questions 3, 4, 5 will be asked from the verse texts.
III. Languages:
a) Vocabulary: Meanings, Synonyms, Antonyms, Etymologies, Prakriti-Vikriti
A) Grammatical features: Sandhus, Samasas, Alankaras, Prosody