AP SA1 9th Class telugu Question Papers 2023

AP SA1 9th Class telugu Question Papers 2023 | తెలుగు Class 9th Sa1 exam Question paper 2023 answers


AP SA1 9th Class telugu Question Papers 2023 : Hello friends welcome to our blog and in this post you will see that the AP SA1 9th Class telugu Question Papers 2023 (PDF) తెలుగు Class 9th Sa1 exam Question paper 2023 answers PDF your Summative assessment 1 sa1 exam will be held on 28th November 2023 and you can also download the pdf of 9th sa1 telugu question paper solution model papers.

AP SA1 9th Class telugu Question Papers 2023 (PDF)

Post9th class Telugu sa1 question paper 2023
Class 9th
Exam date28 November 2023
Result dateDecmeber 2023

Class 9th Summative Assessment 1 2023 Telugu

Maximum Marks: 100
Time: 3 hrs 15 mins
1. The question paper consists of three sections.
2. 15 minutes to study the question paper and 3 hours to write the answers.
3. Answers to all the questions should be written in the answer sheet itself.
4Answers should be written clearly and roundly
1. Awareness – Response.
1. Read one of the following familiar verses and answer the given questions.
Sanchara Grihamedhi fruit
Bantayumbadayanga is now Nangunabharya
Why is he a verb?
Vandundu dantundubuttavanundu nagun
a) Who said the words in the above poem to whom?
_) Who has sensual restraint?
e) Who will be able to perform all household duties if they are suitable?
Make a suitable question for the above word.
Velayanga Nashvamedham
Let’s pour water on the truth
The heart is long, the gun is true
Parmin with due respect
a) What are the synonyms of the word truth?
A) Which way does the thorn point towards the Ashwamedha Yaga if the truth is weighed in Rasa?
e) What is the corruption of the word respect?
e) From which book is the above verse taken?

9th Class sa1 Telugu exam Question paper 2023 PDF Download

2. Read the following familiar prose and answer the questions.
Plays were presented not only on stage but also through broadcast media. A melody heard over the radio The dramas attracted the audience. From 1967, broadcast of dramas through radio started. Chilakamarthi Lakshmi Narasimha A comedy drama ‘Ganapati’ written by Panthulu was broadcast in 1967 from Akashavani Hyderabad Centre. In conversation for a radio play life Hence it is also called Sravya Natak. Nanduri Subbarao.

Purcha Poornanandam, AB Kanakadurga, Carada Srinivasan Justice Raghava Rao, who is known as Chiranjeevi and Radio’s elder brother. Many celebrities like Kameshwari are famous with their voices The characters were brought to life. Plays like Pavala, Sitapati Samsaram, Jeevan Samaram, Talam Ururi Pootakulul etc. were broadcasted by radio.
Broadcasted. In those days people used to gather around the radio sets and enjoy listening to plays.

a) In which year did radio dramas start?
A) Who wrote the comic play Ganapati?
e) Who is popular as radio elder brother?
E) Make a question based on the above passage ?

Telugu 9th Class sa1 Question paper answer key 2023 Pdf

3. Write which lessons the following events from the subtext belong to.
Participated in Simon Kotyak movement in 1927. But Nageswara Rao died on March 26, 1938.
e) Murthy Lakshmibayamma, a woman who turned her husband’s word into her path.
E) established an English daily called The Hindu with his friends.
Read it and answer the given questions.
Venkatarayasastri Veereshalingam Pantulu, Komarraju Venkata Lakshmana Rao. Go to Sadasivashastri Vavilikolanu Subbarao. Dharmavarana Ramakrishnamacharyu, Vargadi Subbarayadu, Nadkuduti Veeraju, Kokkonda Venkataratnam Pantulu, Gurjada Ramamurthy, Nagapudi Kuppuswamayya etc. all the Telugu poet community of that time wrote sometime in unprinted text Chintamani.

Those who did There is no need to talk about Mandapaka. Among the pages of the unprinted book Chintamani is his collection of poems Allocated is not an exaggeration.
Parvatheeswarakavi had a difference of opinion over the Chatavarga Binduburka Yati and eventually broke their friendship. It has come as far as possible. Vavilikolanu, Dharmavaram, and Chintamani, the unpublished text, were widely popularized.
Kokkondavari Bilveshwariya became Ramakrishna. Very kindly reviewed. Questions.
a) Whose poems were part of the printed book?
that). About which Yati do Parvatheeswara’s poet and Pundals have a difference of opinion?
e) Bilveshwariyam is written by whom?
e) Who reviewed Bilveshwariya?

SA 1 ap question papers 2023 Class 9th telugu solution

Expression – Creativity (36 Marks)
Telugu Scholars, Alpha High School, Kambham Cell: 9154001155.
Answer the following questions in four to five sentences.
5) Write in your own words about Chaitanyam Pathyabhaga Kavini.?
T) Write about the essay process in your own words.?
7) What was the role of Konda Venkatappayya in the freedom movement?
Answer the following questions in sentences.
8) Explain how the deluge of moons also deluded the gods?
Write about the thoughts of the poet in saying that time reads the story of my soul like a textbook?
9) Write about the unique personality of Shri Kashinathuni Nageswara Rao?
Write down the patriotism of the above couple and their desire for social reform?
10) Write a letter to a friend describing the feeling you got when it rained?
Write about the telephone conversation between father and daughter?

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