10th Class Telugu SA1 Question Papers 2023

10th Class Telugu SA1 Question Papers 2023 | AP 10th Class Telugu sa1 Exam Question paper 2023


10th Class Telugu SA1 Question Papers 2023 : Andhra pradesh board has been conducted the exam Sa 1 Summative assessment 1 Question paper 2023 Class 10th telugu held on 28th November 2023 and you all the students now searching ap class 10th Telugu sa1 question paper 2023

10th Class Telugu SA1 Question Papers 2023

Post10th class telugu sa1 Question paper 2023
Exam date28 November 2023

Summative Assessment -1 2023, 24 Telugu Class 10th

First Language
Time: 3hrs 15″.
Class: 10th)
Maximum Marks: 100
1. The question paper consists of three sections.
2. 15 minutes to study the question paper and 3 hours to write the answers.
3. Answers to all the questions should be written in the answer sheet itself.
4Answers should be written clearly and roundly
1. Awareness – Response.
1. Read one of the following familiar verses and answer the given questions.4×2=8.
Budali Yondona Diviunu Bhuviu directions
Due to budding black fungus
Mikkutumbugan gratuka grukkinatti
Karavatambana Jagadandakhanda Mamare
(c) What are mixed due to darkness?
o) Darkness is compared by the poet to?
R) What is the meaning of Mikkutam
ౠ) Make a question based on the above verse?
Dopa is the bride of her father who has left the river

All the shelters of Rayamun were destroyed
Teringi Giri Gadchukodu returned to Kek
Standing there, looking south.
a) Who does Hanuman look like?
A) What vibrated at Hanuman’s speed?
e) What is the ornamentation in the above poem?
What are the meanings of this word Giri?

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2. Read the familiar passage and write the answers to the given questions.
Champakavati is a town. Those monks live in Pekandru. And Juna Parivrajakadu Galandu. He himself ate and put the rest of the food in the begging bowl A parrot sleeps on a stick. I didn’t fix it and ate it every day One day Chudakarna saw his friend Veenakarnuda talking to the monk.

He got angry at me by hitting me on the ground with his stick. Then Veena Karnuda said, “Look! Look at what the ground is covered with wood.” Ditlaniye: “A mouse eats the yanna in the bowl of the parrot’s stick every day. Veenakarnu heard the sayings and said, “Where is Eluka?” Where is the parrot? How long does a small animal come from?: Its origin There is no reason. There is no reason for the peace and quiet of this place Do not happen”.

a) What is the meaning of Parivajakaku?
A) Where does Karna live?
e) What is the eye disorder?
e) Make a question based on the above passage?

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3. Write the following events from the Ramayana as belonging to the Ayakandas.
a) Sri Rama Pattabhisheka Mahota
Ayodhya decorated itself for the festival.
A) Vishwamitra Rama Lakshmana reached the vicinity of Midhila city.
e) Unable to bear the departure of Sri Rama, Dasharatha gave up his life.
E) Sitarama Lakshmana was warmly welcomed by sages.

SA 1 Question Papers 2023 Class 10th telugu

4. Read the following handout and answer the given questions.
Relatives! Support! of questions
a) Who is living without direction?
A) What Dharma is on us?
e) In whom should we see God?.
e) Who prepared this pamphlet?

10th Class sa1 question paper 2023 Telugu


Rima There are many orphan children in the society. They all live without direction. of parents Far from love. They are living with hunger and poverty, with no cloth. Dharma to support them all
is upon us.e Orphan Children Seva Samiti , Amaravathi, Rima Save some of your own profit and reach the orphans. Fill the gaps in their childhood. Teach education. Establish orphanages. See God in orphans. practice Be well-groomed. Transcend humanity.
ii. Expression- creativity.

Answer the following questions in four to five sentences.
5. Write in your own words about matrubhavana lesson poet?
6. Write about our attempt curriculum process?
7. Write about the character of Marichuni?

Answer the following questions in ten sentences.

8 What are moral values? Mention the values ​​you observe?

The poet has described that art, poetry and science accompany human development, how can you support this?

9. Write about Ramayana procession?
What was the reason for Lord Rama’s exile?

10. Based on the matribhavana lesson, it tells us what our responsibilities are in how we behave towards women Write slogans and sayings?
Describe to your friend the relationships between the people in the village you saw and the scenery there write a letter

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