Write a notice requesting the students to donate items of daily use

v)You are Abhinav/ Ankita of Govt. H.S.S. Anand Nagar, Bhopal (M.P.) A charitable trust has come to your school asking for help. Write a notice requesting the students to donate items of daily use.


All the students are informed that a charitable Trust of Bhopal has come to our sch0ol asking for help. They are collecting the needful thing money, food etc. for the flood atfected people
Date Since it is a charitable works. so I think we should help them The interested students can donate itema of daily use. Money and food as per their capacity and interest. There is no boundation from the side of school. Please show your humanity.
Thnaks and Regards
Class: XI

(vi)You are Harsha sport secretary of your school write a notice for your school notice board about the sports meet to be held in the next week.

Pratham Convent, Jabalpur M.P
Notice Date: 10.03.2023
All the members of he sports committee of this school are informed that the management is going to arrange a sports meet on 14.03.2023 in our
school. It is necessary for all the members of the sports committee to attend the meeting. Many important topics are to be discused in the
meeting. The meeting will start at 11 a.m. sharp. From
Sports Secretary)

(vii)You are Anil, the cultural secretary your school. You plan to organize an educational tour to Manali during summer vacation. Write a notice inviting the students who are interested in Joining the tour.

Maharashi Vidyamandir, Ujjain
It is my inmmense pleasure to inform you that we are going to arrange a tour to Manali during summer vacation. I have received the prior permission from principal sir. He has provided us three teachers for the trip with us. The tour
will take 5 days and the expences amount is 5000. Interested students may proceed their names to
Sanjay sir on or before 30th April. On 10th April, at 7 a.m. the tour will start from our school campus by reserved bus. Please get your parents permission in written form for the tour and
submit it to the school. Thanks and regards
Cultural Secretary)
You are the oultural seeretary of your
School Write an attractive notice giving
infopmation about the seleotion of two
participants trom your sohool to tak part in the inter debate sehool competition.
Higher Secondary School, Ujjain
19 Aug 20.
Selection of Particlpants
The students of Claas XI and XII are hereby informed that the selection of two participants trom the school to take part in the inter school debate competition is to be done. The debate will be organised on 29th Aug, 20,.. at school of excellence, jjain.
Students wiling to participate in the debate are required to contact me on or before 22nd Aug 20.
Subject of debate- Should co-education be made compulsoryBy order of the Principal Sudha Sharma Seeretary Cultural Activities)

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