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Rich dad poor Dad : Wrote a book on Robert Co in 1997. As soon as this book came out, it created a stir in the market and became a best selling book. Robert’s Ossa had two fathers. Rich dad poor dad pdf Firstly, his real father whom he used to call poor date, that is, he considers Mike’s father as his friend’s father and he calls him listed, his real father is very educated and is a professor in the college.

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But there was a lot of struggle regarding money throughout his life. And that’s why robots post them. And on the other hand is his father from Jammu. He is less educated but still he is a very big businessman and a successful person and that is why Robert Hone tells in his book of Robert’s Osa that when he was 9 years old, seeing other rich kids in school He also had a desire to become rich and hence one day he asked his boardHow can one become Aamir?

Rich dad poor dad in hindi pdf

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Subjectrich dad poor dad Hindi English Gujarati marathi Punjabi telugu tamil 336 pages Free PDF download

Rich dad poor Dad in Hindi English Gujarati 336 pages drive But their real father who was posted did not have any answer to this and he said that you should ask your friend to answer this question from his maternal father because he can give you the answer to this question very well and then the robots go to their register. And ask them your questions and from there the financial education of the robotA very important sequence begins. His relationships teach him some important lessons to become rich at different stages and to always remain you and along with this he tells many things in this book.

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Like how money should be maintained. How to put money to work and what is done in it due to which the poor always remain poor and apart from this he tells that if a poor person also follows the things told in this then he can also become ours very soon. So now we talk about port lesson number one here is that rich people never work for money. Generally people work very hard to become rich.

Rich dad poor Dad in Hindi English Gujarati 336 pages drive

Their effort is to get such a job such that they get good salary every month and after getting the job, they move up and down with full dedication and hard work and with this they get trapped in such a trap from which They are never able to come out and many people are greedy to become like thisBecome part of the race. They know that they are going to get their salary at the end of the month and that is why they take loan, buy a car, buy expensive things through credit card and get stuck.

rich dad poor dad Hindi English Gujarati marathi Punjabi telugu tamil 336 pages Free PDF download

How it becomes very difficult to get out of a trip because you have to repay the loan for the things you have taken on loan and to repay them you will have to work for many years. And whatever amount comes from your job, the maximum amount will go towards paying your loan and similarly, many people spend their lives in paying loan and doing job. Now the question comes that what to do if you do not work for money? Rich people do not work for money.

They do something due to which money works for them and you will get the answer to what they do in the next few points. Why is it important to connect with List No. 2 Financial Education? So my study of that relation teaches that understanding of money is very important for a human being. But generally in every country of the world every type of education is available except financial education. Like because there is a system in place that study hard, get good marks and then do a good job.

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The truth is that any kind of job can never make you rich, suppose any person works very hard and becomes a doctor engineer but he also remains trapped in the maze of 925 jobs. As we talked about, to get out of this 9 to 5 cycle, Listed has told about it, which puts money in your pocket. And there are liability zones, which take money out of your pocket.

For example, if you have given it to someone else at a rate, then we call it a set, that is, if he is putting money in your pocket, and on the other hand, if you take a new car on loan, then we call it a liability because That car is taking money out of your pocket and the most important thing to become rich is youThose who buy acids should reduce their liabilities as much as possible .And all these things are not taught to you in any school in the world, because there you are only taught how to do a good job, you are never taught how to get your face done and hence financial.

rich dad poor dad pdf drive

Learning about education is very important. Take the third step, mind your own business, that’s why my sister has told me that a person who is working can do any other work which can increase his income. For this, it is not necessary to start with education, because not everyone has that much money. You can do your favorite work even while doing your job. For example, if a person is a teacher in a school, it is his provision and not his business.

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His own work will happen when he starts it himself. Once, Groth was also giving a class match to MBA students. During this speech, he stopped and asked the student present there, do you know what business I do? So all the students said that you are in the hamburger business? And the group started laughing after hearing this answer.

Then he said that I am not in the hamburger business because my work is in real estate. This is because whenever someone wants to buy a McDonald’s franchise, he also has to purchase that land, so there is real estate, business and you can see for yourself.  McDonnell stands as the largest real estate empire in the entire world.