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Nilavanti Granth PDF Free in hindi English telugu marathi bangla book : Welcome once again to our website so friends, today we are going to tell you the complete story of Nilavati Granth. Dost Neelavanti book has been banned by the Government of India because this book has been written by a cursed e-rickshaw.

Nilavanti Granth PDF Free in hindi English telugu marathi bangla book

It is believed that anyone who tried to read this book out of greed died or went mad. When many cases started coming to light, the Government of India completely banned reading it. So hi friends, my name is Harsh. Before starting Dalveer Story, please like, subscribe and share with your friends.

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Friends, this was a long time ago. There was a man in a small village in Uttar Pradesh. He also had a wife and a daughter. When the girl was five years old, her mother died. The name of this girl was Neelavati. After the death of Nilavati’s mother, Nilavati’s father left that village. Went to another village. My friend’s father had good knowledge of Ayurveda and she also took knowledge of Ayurveda from her father. One specialty of Neelavati was that she understood the language of trees, plants, animals and birds. Not only this, blue.

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Nilavanti Granth download PDF Free

Devils would also come in dreams and Neela would give information to the prisoner about the wealth standing under the ground. But her father’s good values ​​were there in Lilavati, hence despite knowing everything, she did not dig out the wealth from under the ground. Whatever mantras Lilavati used to tell about trees, plants and the devil. She used to write on peepal leaves. When Lilavati turned 20 to 22 years old, the ghosts that used to come in Nilavati’s dreams started appearing in reality.

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Nilavanti Granth PDF download After some time, Lilavati realizes that she is an alcoholic and is unable to come out of this world due to alcoholism. He had to go to his own world. She tells all this to her father. Then her father told her that if the daughter is not of this world and is stuck in this world because of someone, then I will not stop you, so you can leave from here as per your wish. Then Nilavati started leaving that village and on the way she met a businessman.

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Finally Nilavati asks that businessman to go to another village, because a good soul had told Nilavati that at a distance of 35 miles from here you will find a village and that You will find a banyan tree in the village, from there you will find your worldWill find a way to go in. Apart from this, you will have to sacrifice animals and birds along with your blood. Keeping this in mind, Nilavati asks the businessman to accompany her to the same village. The businessman gets mesmerized after seeing Lilavati and says that I.