Class 8th General science sa 1 Question paper 2023 PDF

Class 8th General science sa 1 Question paper 2023 PDF | AP SA 1 class 8th physical science Question paper answer key 2023 Pdf



English Medium)
PART-A and B
15 minutes alted for reading the question paper.
Answer All the questions
Anvers for questions under PART-A should written in a separate rook
This question paper comists of 4 sections and 33 questions
There is an internal choice in Section-III
6. Write answersally and legihly.
Time: 2 Hrs.
Note Amer All questions
i Kach question carries I mark
What are microorganis
2. What are the disnes that rumited by con
3. What is meant by exaltation?
4. Who discovered cell first time?
Note:) Ar All questions
Each question carries 1 marks

Class 8th General science Question paper

AP SA1 class 8th General science Question paper 2023 PDF

Amer All questions
Each question carries 4 marks
Each question has an internal choice
18. a) What is the way to find out solations for the problems in scientific way?
8. What would happen if all the organisms stop the poem of repeation?
6. What questions will you pose to know divenity in coffe
7. Kavitha funda alpole in a pond. She collected it carefully and put it in an appoing it an a
fish. After some days what did she find and why?
8. What are scientific methods? Wise the steps involved in a scientia’s work
9. Visit the veterinary hospital and prepare a list of any fie cale dismes by asking question to dock

8th physical science Question papers 2023

b) Make an album of scientists and their discoveries and to microorganis
13. a) Sketch the diagrams of male and female reproductive system
b) Distinguish between Usi cellalar and Maki ofar ogs
11. a) If you want to obrve Lactobacillus hacian in your baby, what are the materials gaired to
conduct the experiment? Wise the peocodare of the experimen
b) Take three bowls and mark as A, B, C. Pour lokewa milk in bowl A hot milk in bost B, cold wilk
in bowl C. Add one tes spoon full of cted or butemilk in three bowl and sie them slightly. Cover
the bowls with lads. Keep the bends undidad fine fine to six heas In which had milk and inte
cund? Give your reasons.
12. a) Collect information from your library or from other sources like internet and discuss the life cycle of
horybos in the sympeniam at your school
14. The primary and fundamental step in scientific thinking…
A) Experimentation
B) Observatio
D) Questioning
15. That fellow every year seats what he wrote the year before this was marked by
A) Albert Einstein
B) Kad Pupper
D) Louis Patr
16. The word Science comes from
B) Why do the cells in the small onion not go tat
If the size of the cell is cpaal, why we
D) Why are the cells not big in a large in
18. Mentify the pair of unicadar organisms below
A) Paranoecium-Leech

b) Maketches and and plant calls which you are under mine
Time: 30 Min.

SA 1 class 8th general science Question papers 2023 Answers keys PDF

1. Write capital letter (A, B, C, D) showing the currect answer for the following questions in the
brackets provided against them.
D) All the
A) Sesse
B) Since

8th General science sa 1 Question paper  PDF

17. Kavitha observed sme size of cells both in large onion and small in. She got a doubt. Which
question i is aitable to clarify her deb
Albe those any relation between the growth of onion and size of the cell
Mas Marks:
A) All aced by t
B) Vaccines are discovered for all the above diseases
C) They occur only in adu
D) All are kind
A) Drink safe and can we
B) Keep the sumouding environment clean
Should not eat contaminated food
IL Fill in the Blanks
24. History of Science was written by
25. Vaccine for polio was discovered by
Marks: 30
28. Larvae of frog is called…….
III. Match the following
Group A
29. Prosz
36 Cell wall
31. Cell membrane
32. Nacless
33. Largest egg
A) Al
21. Legane plants have not
him bacteris
D) Fugi
is the odds. The in
provides nitrates in the plant, which gives shelter to the hackeria. This relationship is called)
A) Prosin
e above
23. Which of the below said organs are not need to female productive sys
Seminal de
26. Preservation method of milk is called….
27. The scientist socied with Astless diese
appear very big in
D) Sy

AP SA1 Summative assessment 1 Question paper 2023 Class 8th general science

21. Read the names of diseases gives below
Small pos, Hepatitis Maps Tetas, Whooping cough… The common comparison between these
D) Ambo-Pocium
22. You want to give suggestions to your villages for the prevention of diseases. Which of the following is
Group B
A) Overich
B) Amoeba
Cheek cell
D) Onice cell
E) Brows
Marks: 10
D) Fallopian tubes