SA 1 9th General science Question paper answer key 2023 Pdf

SA 1 9th General science Question paper answer key 2023 Pdf |AP SA 1 class 9th General science and physical science exam papers 2023 PDF


SA 1 9th General science Question paper answer key 2023 Pdf

Time: 2 Hrs. 45 Min.
15 minutes of time is allotted for reading the question paper.
Answer All the questions.
Answers for questions under PART-A should be written in a separate answer booklet.
The question paper consists of 4 sections and 33 questions.
There is an internal choice in Section – III.

6. Write answers neatly and legibly.
Time: 2 Hrs.
Note: i) Answer All questions.


PAPER – I (English Version)
PART-A and B
Note: i) Answer All questions.
ii) Each question carries 1 mark.
1. A mixture contains camphor and sodium chloride. Which technique is used to separate them?
If the solute particles are settled down in a solution, can we call it as a homogeneous mixture.
Uma said to Mounika “Mass is neither created nor destroyed during a chemical reaction’. What is your
4. When does a concave mirror form virtual image.
Note: i) Answer All questions.
Mohit said H₂ differs from 2H. Justify.
Air bags are used in the cars for safety. Why?
ii) Each question carries 2 marks.
5. Correct your friend who says the car rounded the curve at a constant velocity of 70 kmph”.
Give two examples for non-uniform motion in your daily life situations.
7. Identify the solutions among the following mixtures. Give reason.
a) Soil b) Sea water e) Air d) Coal

AP SA 1 class 9th General science and physical science exam papers 2023 PDF

ii) Each question carries 4 marks.
iii) Each question has an internal choice
10. a) Distinguish between Speed and Velocity.
b) Complete the following table.
b) What is Newton’s second law of motion? Derive the expression.
11. a) Describe an experiment to verify the law of conservation of mass.

9th class physical science question paper 2022, 23 pdf

Latin Name
b) Which of the following will show Tyndoll effect? How can you demonstrate tyndoll effect in them.
iii) Copper sulphate solution iv) Starch solution
i) Salt solution
ii) Milk
12 a) Concave or Convex mirrors in your surroundings. Make a table.
Max. Marks: 40
Marks: 30
13. a) Draw a neat diagram of separation of the mixture of reaction and water by distillation.
b) Sukumar saw his face in car rear view mirror. He observed that his image is smaller than the
i) What type of mirror it is?
ii) What is the nature of image?
iii) Draw ray diagram for it.
Time: 30 Mins.

AP SA1 Summative assessment 1 Question paper 2023 Class 9th General science question paper

Note: i) Choose the correct answer from the options given and write the corresponding letter in the
ii) Each question carries mark.
Marks will not be awarded for rewriting or over writting answers.
Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
A) Electric energy
B) Acceleration
15. S.I. unit of acceleration is
A) m/s
B) kmph
C) m/s²
D) cm/s²
16. The shortest distance covered by fine moving object in a specified direction is called
A) velocity
B) motion
C) displacement
D) acceleration
17. Two miscible liquids differing in their boiling points by 30°C can be separated by
A) simple distillation
B) fractional distillation
C) evaporation
D) any method
18. When a substance is homogeneous we call it……….
A) mineral
B) solution
19. The major component of a solution
A) solvent
B) solute
20. Milk is example for
A) an emulsion
C) Momentum
C) mixture
number is ……….
C) phase
C) liquid dispersed in another liquid
21. Product of mass and acceleration measure
A) Velocity
B) Force
22. A jet engine or a rocket works on the principle of
A) Conservation of momentum
C) Newtons second law of motion
23. In an isolated system the total………… is conserved…
A) force
B) momentum
24. kg mg-2 is the S.I. unit of
A) Force
B) a colloid
D) all the above
B) 6.023 x 1024
C) Momentum
B) Speed
C) Momentum
25. Assertion (A): Pace bowler runs in from a long distance before he bowls.
Reason (R): To acquire dynamic inertia.
A) A is correct, R is incorrect.
B) A is incorrect, R is correct.
C) Both A, R are correct, R is correct explanation of A.
D) Both A, R are correct, R is not correct explanation of A.
C) velocity
26. Rate of change of momentum is proportional to
A) Net force
B) Net speed
27. The law of definite proportions was given by………
A) Joseph Proust
B) John Dolton
28. Value of Avogadro’s
A) 6.023 x 1023
B) Conservation of mass
D) Conservation of energy
C) Motion
D) Displacement
D) colloid
D) none
D) Impulse
D) acceleration
D) Inertia
D) Pressure
C) Antoine Lavoisier D) Beryilius
C) 6.023 x 1021
29. The common name of compound Hydrogen monoxide is……….
A) Water
B) Salt
C) Washing soda
30. The formula of phosphoric acid ………..
A) H₂PO4
B) HPO 3
C) H₂PO₂
31. The combining capacity of an element is known as………….
C) Atomicity
A) Atomic number B) Valency
32. Which one of the following is a correct electronic configuration of sodium?
A) 2,8
B) 8, 2, 1
C) 2, 1,8
33. The focal length of a spherical mirror of radius of curvature 30 cm is
A) 10 cm.
B) 15 cm
C) 20 cm
Marks: 10
D) 6.023 x 1020
D) Baking soda
D) H₂SO4
D) Mole
D) 2, 8, 1

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