10th class General science sa 1 Question paper 2023

10th class General science sa 1 Question paper 2023 | SA 1 exam question paper 2023


10th class General science sa 1 Question paper 2023

Time: 2 Hrs. 45 Min.
There are four sections and 33 questions in this paper.
Answers should be written in a given awer booklet.
There is an internal choice in Section – IV.
Write all the questions visibly and legibly.

Note: Answer All the questions
Each question carries mark


PAPER-I (English Version)
SI unit of temperature is…
Three bodies A, B, C are in thermal equilibrium. The temperature of B is 45°C. Then what is the
temperature of C
A) 45°C B) 90’C C) 40°C D) None
Complete the following equation
Acid+ Base…+ Water
Which gas evolves when acids react with metal?
What is the speed of light in vacuam?
X: Refractive index=
Y: Refractive indes has ao usits
Ai Both are correct
CX is wrong, Y is correct
What is the shape of p-orbital?
Which rule is violated when two electrons in an 2s orbital possesses same clock wise spis?
Focal length
+20 cm
-15 cm
Identify the coves lems from above table.
10. Which lens can forn real and vital image?
Mach the following
a) cka Boron
bjeka Aluminium
c) eka Silicon

AP SA1 class 10th SA 1 Physical science question paper 2023

12. Highest electronegativity: Fluorine:: Highest electropositivity:……
Identify the element name should be kept in the blank.
Note: i) Answer All the questions
i) Each question carries 1 mark.
13. Convent 20°C into Kelvin Scale
Refractive Indes
14. What role does specific heat play in keeping a watermelon cool for a long time after removing it from
fridge on a hot day?
15. Why pre acetic acid does not turn blae is to red?
16. Observe the following table.
Which is the desser mediam? Explain
Note: Answer All the questions
Note: Answer All questions
x) Geranium
y) Scandium
2) Gallum

Class 10th general science Question paper answer key 2023 Pdf

17. Draw the shape of s-orbital
18. Write the lens formala.
19. An element has comic number 19. Where would you expect this element in the periodic table.
20. Define the modem periodic law.
26. Explain why electrons enter into 4s orbital but noc 3d orbital after filling the 3p orbital
27. Frame any two questions to understand difference between convex lens and concave lens.
28. Define Doberciner law of triads and give one example.
i) Each question carries Two marks
21. Why water inside a clay pot becomes cool?
22. How do you appreciate the role of the higher specific heat of water in stabilizing atmospheric
temperature during winter and summer sea?
23. Why does not distilled water conduct electricity?
24. Why does tooth decay stat when the pit of mouth is lower than 5.5
25. What are the factors that influence the refractive index?

B) X is correct, Y is wrong
D) Both are wrong
Craws glass

10th physical science sa 1 Question paper pdf

Each question carries marks
Each question has an internal choice.
29. a) Write the factors that effect the process of evaporation. Explain with suitable examples
Sab shell name P value Neef orbitals
b) How do you find the focal length of a convex lens esperimentally by U-V method?
32. a) Complete the following table
b) Define the following term
Refractive ledex
ii) Laws of Refraction
30. a) Explain the significance of the quum ubers in policing the position of an electron in an atom
b) Discuss the construction of the long form of the periodic table
31. a) Explain the relationship between the angle of incidence and angle of refraction with an experiment
Max. Marks: 50
-1.0 +1
-2,-1,0 +1, +2
b) The electron configuration of A, B, C, D and E are as follows
D-1²2² 2p 3s 3p E-1² 2²2p
Based on the above information answer the following questions
B-1² 2²2 3² 3² C-16²26²236² 3p%
b) Deaw ray diagrams for the following positions of conves lens.
i) Object is placed beyond 2F
Object is placed between 2F, and F.
Which of these belongs to same group?
i) Name of the element E
33. a) Draw a neat diagram showing acid solution in water conducts electricity
i) Which of these belongs to same period?
i) Which element belongs tos-block?

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