Samudrayaan Mission launch Date Vehicle Details Ministry

Samudrayaan Mission launch Date Vehicle Details Ministry


Samudrayaan Mission launch Date: He has been doing his research on the Moon and Surat through Chandrayaan and Suryaan but now he is preparing to find out the secret of the depth of the ocean. For this, India has also engaged in the mission and this mission has been named Samudra.

Samudrayaan Mission launch Date 2023

This will be India’s first manned maritime mission, which will be launched soon. So let us know what is the sea? What will India gain from this and when will it be launched? The Seaplane Mission is India’s first manned maritime mission.

Samudrayaan Mission launch Date

Nation – india
Event – Samudrayaan Mission launch
Vehicle- Matsya 6000
Budget – 6000 crode

Meaning that humans are also being taken in it. With this mission, India will discover about the minerals and aquatic organisms found in the deep sea. Under the sea vehicle project, there is a plan to successfully carry three people inside the deep sea to a depth of 6000 meters. India’s first manned ocean mission was launched from Chennai in October 2023 .

Samudrayaan Mission launch schedule

On behalf of the Union Ministry of Earth Sciences. An indigenous maritime mission has been launched. Rs 6000 crore has been spent in this mission. The submersible fitted in it has been named Matsya 6000, which is made of titanium metal. It can run non-stop for 12-16 hours. There will be oxygen supply in it for 96 hours. Its width. Is 2.1 meters. This young is capable of taking three people into the depths of the sea. This submersible can withstand pressure 600 times more than sea level pressure at a depth of 6000 meters.

Mission Samudrayaan Vehicle details

The vehicle carrying this mission will facilitate the exploration of deep sea mineral resources from manganese to 6000 nickels of call to Lakshmiji off the coast of Sri Lanka. Along with this, the mission will also collect many types of samples which can be used for later analysis. This mission will promote scientific research and technological empowerment. Apart from this, this mission will promote property inspection, tourism and maritime literacy. Let us tell you that India is the sixth country which has made humans sub-human. In this, America, Russia, Japan, France and China have already made manned satellites.

Samudrayaan Mission launch Date Vehicle Details Ministry

Now if we talk about when the Samudra craft will be sent to sea, then it is being said that 6000 are expected to be ready for testing by the second quarter of 2024. It will be released from Chennai to the Bay of Bengal for testing. It has been designed to go to a depth of 1000 kilometers in the deep sea.

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It is convenient that this mission will be launched in 2026. The design of this vehicle has been completed and the manufacturing of various components and components of the vehicle is currently underway. What is your opinion regarding this news? You must tell us by commenting.