Rank iq Mp Police 2023 Scorecard checker Answer key

Rank iq Mp Police 2023 Scorecard checker Answer key/Mp Police Exam 2023 answer key Normalised marks/ Mp Police cut off marks Cetegetory wise UR/OBC/ST/SC


Rank iq Mp Police 2023 Scorecard checker: welcome all of you to your website Friends, as you all must have received the notification, you must have been informed by the that you The objection of MP constable has been brought for the peopleIt has been uploaded on the website, the answers have been given to you people, you can see that also and if you people have any question of any kind, then you can raise objection on it without any worry.

Rank iq Mp Police 2023 Scorecard checker

We will discuss how the objection will be raised and we will do this without any delaySo see, here I have opened the website of the Employee Selection Board in front of you all, whichever language is convenient for you, Hindi or English, you can open it and you will see this online objection answer objection police. He gave this constable recruitment testBut you know in between, there was an exam at one place, paper at one center, something happened where the paper was not available, it was postponed on 19th, maybe now we don’t know what is going to happen, God only knows and this S.B.

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Mp Police Exam 2023 answer key Normalised marks

Who knows, but for all the people whose papers have been done here, you can visit this websitePeople will go here, first of all, if you open any website and do any work, then one thing of mine, especially all of you, please keep in mind, the thing to keep in mind is that children, read us now that after all this What do people want to say? Okay, so here is the code which is the first word of your name belowIt will be like my name is also there, then after that there will be some digit digits, I will write below, I will have to donate, you people will upload it on the website, then you are telling that yes, this paper was given to me on 9th, both of them were given this paper on 18th. Questions will be seen, questions for the blanket people, if one is wrong then hello brothers oneOnce again, how should all of you tell your future valid points, I have put that video on my channel, you can go and watch it, so in this video we are going to talk about what will be the final cutoff for police physical.

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No matter what your score is, it is still a safe score for you to be called for physicalWe will talk about this very well and when its result is going to be released and this is what I have brought before you, I have discussed many plants through various analysis, after that I am going to tell you about this. So let’s talk about each point from overPlease do tell in the comment box how did you like the and if you like it then please like it. You can join the link of which I have given in the description box exam. Out of these and for the post of total post, your total cost is 7411, out of which 7090 was sat first. There are around 7411 posts from 7000 to 811 and for physicalWe can see how many of your students are called for your physical, seven times the number of students called for your physical, seven times the total cost, then your total cost is 100 with Salman, but let’s leave these 11 posts once and do this. If we compare, then your total will be 00702 i.e. 1800Students are going to be called for physical. 51,800 students and after what is the average score, I have asked how much have you got in this and what is the score of this, I am going to tell you further and let’s see how much in one post i.e.

Rank iq Mp Police 2023 Scorecard checker

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How many students are required to go to Physical for one postIf we talk about the total form for you, then your total form is 7,00,000. How many students will be called in your total form? So, due to your student value of 52,000, this many students will be called when we will cut it to or closed. If you participate then your point will be something like this i.e. 13Students will be fighting for a post among your students. There are many such students who have not prepared for the work at all. There are very few such students. Out of 7,00,000, you can assume that 5,00,000 students are like this only for exam. We have come here to give those who were not well prepared that jobIf such students do not want to take, then your computer is going to be yours. 12 of your students are going to leave you behind and one is going to overtake you. How many students are coming with how much score, if how much is your score then your score is you should prepare for the physical.

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And we will also see when the result is going to be releasedIf you are watching this video, then take a look at the exam pattern syllabus to see how much was your total and which of your total marks were 100, in which mental ability along with general knowledge and logic, let me tell you in simple language, how much should you get. So here in simple language you can assume that maths is thereIf we look at your syllabus, you are getting 35 marks and after reasoning, your 30 marks and the rest of GK and GS are coming, how much is your marks? It may be 35 in some state. Two farmers of Reasoning are earning and two farmers of Maths can be the king, how can Rajni be earning hereAverage score, how much the students are scoring, I am angry with many of the students and I know how much the students are scoring.

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Mostly if we talk about the match, the match is not going to be very easy and also very hard. Many of your 35 students are not comingWe are coming after scoring around, after that after a little reasoning, we can assume that 24 and after that let’s talk about GK GS, out of 35 in GK GS, our plan can be 1919 according to your values, now we add them mostly. How much is getting closer and 49991 and this will be six i.e. 68 if you are in any stateFor any category, then you should start preparing from now. Now we look at the category wise, who is the average? This will be the denominator for each category. If you are a plus for general, then you are there, then you are good. The score is going to be different, now let us see how much your cut off is going to beIf I have brought a top in front of you, then no one can tell you the category wise fix, but whether you live around it or one or two numbers more than here, if I am telling you from this number, still.

Mp Police cut off marks 2023 rank iq

You should prepare for physical and need one or two marks and it is said that you are in general category68 plus for general category mail, now I told you this call, if you have this much score then you should do physical cricket, your score will remain same and for premier, you can go for 64 value, after that OBC gets equal to OBC and EWS. With the demand it can be 66 and if we talk about female it can be 62 for femaleOnly those who are cut off and those from EWS can accept that OBC and AWS go equally, one or two numbers remain one number, but you can assume this because no one will tell and talked about such category for people of such category.

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Scoring 62 plus is a very good score for you, 62 plus or six twoIf you have the score then you will definitely be called for the physical and this is the case for female category, so I have emailed you through various means, if you have this much score, then we have talked about the cut off, now we will talk.

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Let us take the result of MP Place, when is it going to be released, there is no such notice as of nowGiven in which information about the result is given, so let me tell you that right now there is an exam for your Forest Guard of MP Police, its result has to be released, I think it is possible that your result will be released only after the result is released. Keep fresh guard and release your result alsoIt is possible but very rarely, like after releasing the result of Forest Guard, your answer or your result will be released very soon.