MP Board Class 9th English Paper 2023 Solution

MP Board Class 9th English Paper 2023 Solution | वार्षिक परीक्षा 2023 कक्षा 9 वीं विषय अंग्रेजी


MP Board Class 9th English Paper 2023 Solution

6-Write a paragraph of about 80 word on the basis of the visual given:

  Section- C

7-Feel in the blanks by choosing the correct word from the brackets (any five)

1-He is….. engineer.

2-Sharad….. watching TV when the power went off.

3-Anita is taller…. Sanjay.

4-……is a good exercise.

5-there is not…… water in the pool.

6-did you see…… lion in the forest?

7-children…. football in the evening.

Ans-1-an 2-was 3-than 4-walking 5-much 6-any 7-play

8. Do as directed (any five)

1-Ankit played hockey. (Change into present indefinite tense)

2-Ajay is ill. He has not come to school . (Combine the sentences in using ‘so’)

3-I/stand/on/one leg/can/(rearrange the jumbled word into a meaningful sentence)

4-he eats bananas (change into passive voice)

5- I have taken tea. (Change into interrogative)

Class 9th english varshik paper 2023

6-he worked very hand. He could not pass the exam. (Combine the sentences using but)

7-we like sweets (change into interrogative)

Ans-1-Ankit plays hockey

2-Ajay is also he was not come to school

3-I can stand on one leg

4-bananas are eaten by him

5-have I taken tea?

6-he worked very hard but could not pass the exam

7-do we like sweets?

MP Board Class 9th English Paper 2023 Solution

Section- D

9-Choose the correct option:

1-what do yellow Woods represent in the poem?


B- young people

C-older people



2-what did Tommy find?

A-An old book with yellow crinkly pages

B-a tele book

C-a brand new book

D-a dairy.

Ans-a-an old book with yellow crinkly pages

3-where did Bismillah play the shehnai on

A-Ganga Ghat


C-Red fort


Ans-c Red fort

4-who breaks the Shutters of the window?


B-a boy

C-a naughty boy



Class 9th English Paper 2023 Solution

10-Read the following axtract and answer the question given Below.

A-Einstein was deeply shaken by the extent of the destruction. This time he wrote a public missive to the United Nations. In it  he proposed the formation of a world government. Unlike the letter to Roosevelt, this one made no impact. But over the next decade, Einstein got ever more involved in politics-agiating for an and to the arms builddup and using his popularity to campaign for peace and democracy.


(A) what does the word Missive mean?

(a) report

(b) article


(d) book

Ans- Letter

(B) What did Einstein promote during his political career?



(c)To and the arms buildup

(d)All of these

Ans-all of these

(C) write the antonyms of popular ans. Unpopular/unliked

(B) wind come softly.

Don’t break the Shutters of the windows.

Don’t scatter the papers.

Don’t throw down the books on the self.


(a) whom does the poet request in the above lines?


(b) write any one action of the wind.

Ans-breaking the shutters of the windows.

(c) name the poem and the poet.

Ans- wind by Subramania Bharati.

11-Answer the following questions in 30 words (any six)

1-what is a telebook?

Ans-telebook is a book that can be displayed on a screen for educating or and entertaining people.

2-When was Evelyn’s deafness first noticed? When was it confirmed?

Ans-Evelyn’s deafness was first noticed at the age of eight. It was confimed when she was eleven.

3-who were the people in Kezia’s family?

Ans- kezia’s family consist of her father mother grandmother and the herself?

4-why was Santosh Yadav sent to the local school?

5-how does Tommy describe the old kind of school?

6-what characteristic Abdul Kalam say hi inherited from his parents?

What characteristics did Abdul Kalam in herit from his parents?

7-who were Abdul Kalam school friends? What did they later become?

Class 9th English varshik Paper 2023 Solution

12-Answer the following question in 30 word (any two)

1-name the two temples the author visited in Kathmandu.

2-where does the traveller find himself? what problem does he face?

9th English annual Exam Question paper 2023

13-Answer the following questions in 30 words (any two)

1-what should we do to make friends with the wind?

2-what do you mean by ‘humid shadow’ in the poem rain on the roof?

14-Answer the following question in 75 words. (any two)

1-who does Evelyn hear music?

2-what characteristic did Abdul Kalam inherit from his parents?

Class 9th English final exam paper 2023

15-Answer the following questions in about 75 words:

1-What is the meaning of “bleeding bark”? What makes it bleed?


Why does the poet went he snake to be spared?

16- what are the precious things mentioned in the story ‘be happy Prince why are the precious?


What is Behrman’s Masterpiece? what makes Sue say so?