Mp board class 11th english final exam paper 2023 answer key

Mp board class 11th english final exam paper 2023 answer key | कक्षा 11 वी अंग्रेजी वार्षिक परीक्षा पेपर 2023


Mp board class 11th english final exam paper 2023 answer key

(B) Read the following passage and answer the questions given
It wasn’t morning yet, but it was summer and with daybreak not
many minutes around the corner of the world it was light
enough for me to know I wasn’t dreaming.
My cousin Mourad was sitting on a beautiful white horse.
I stuck my head out of the window and rubbed my eyes.
Yes, he said in Armenian. It’s a horse. You’re not dreaming.
Make it quick if you want to ride.
Questions :-
(1) Who was sitting on the horse?
(i) no one
cousin of the speaker
(v) both (ii) and (iii)
(iii) the speaker
(2) Name the lesson these lines have been taken from.

mp-board-class-11th english final exam paper 2023

(3) What does the word ‘daybreak’ mean?
(4) Write the noun form of the word ‘beautiful’.
Q.10 Answer any five of the following questions – (Word limit 30 words)
(i) What did the grandmother do when the author returned from
abroad after five years?
How did the sailors repair their ship when it was first attacked
by winds?
(iii) How did the children console the fear-stricken parents?
(iv) What is the base element in Pranayama?
(v) What does European paintings reproduce?
(vi) What is Article 48A?
(vii) What was written at Lusaka Zoo?

Mp board class 11th English Varshik Paper 2023

Mp board 11th english final exam paper 2023 answer key

Q.11 Answer any three of the following questions – (Word limit 30 words)
(i) What does the cardboard refer to in the poem?
(ii) Why does the Laburnum tree become yellow in the month of
(iii) What took the shape of showers in the sky?
(iv) What makes the earth beautiful?
123 [221102-C]

Class 11th english Annual Exam Question paper 2023 PDF

(v) Why does father feel like a stranger with his son?
Q.12 Answer any two of the following questions – (Word limit 30 words)
(i) Why did the boys return the white horse to its owner?
(ii) What reason did the head teacher give for expelling Albert from
(iii) How did Andrew save Susan Morgan?
Q.13 Answer any two of the following questions – (Word limit 75 words)

Kaksha 11vi english varshik paper 2023

(i) What was the turning point in the friendship between the
grandmother and the author?
(ii) What is the aim of the Green Movement?
(iii) Why are the local forest decimated in poor countries?

Class 11th English final Question paper 2023 PDF

Q.14 What is the central theme of the poem ‘The Laburnum Top’?
(Word limit 75 words)
How is the father’s helplessness brought out in the poem “Father to

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Q.15 ‘The Address’ is a story of human predicament that follows war.
Comment. (Word limit 75 words)
There lies a great difference between text book medicine and the
world of practising Physician. Discuss.

Mp Board Class 11th english varshik paper 2023

Instructions –

1. All questions are compulsory.

2. Allotted marks are given in front to each question.

SECTION – A (Reading Skills)

Q.1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below– (1×10=10)

Marie Curie was not of the most accomplished scientists in history. Together with her husband, Pierre, she discovered radium, an element widely used for treating cancer, and studied uranium and other radioactive substances. Pierre and Marie’s amicable collaboration later helped to unlock the secrets of the atom. Marie was born in 1867 in Warsaw, Poland, where her father was a professor of physics. At an early age, she displayed a brilliant mind and a blithe personality. Her great exuberance for learning prompted her to continue with her studies after High school. She became disgruntled, however, when she learned that the university in Warsaw was closed to women. Determined to receive a higher education, She defiantly left Poland and in 1891 entered the Sorbonne, a French University, where she earned her master’s degree and doctorate in physics.

Marie was fortunate to have studied at the Sorbonne with some of the greatest scientist of her day, one of whom was Pierre Curie. Marie and Pierre were married in 1895 and spent many productive years working together in the physics laboratory. A short time after they discovered radium, Pierre was killed by a horse-drawn wagon in 1906. Marie was stunned by this horrible Misfortune and endured heart breaking anguish. Despondently she recalled their close relationship and the joy that they had shared in scientific research. The fact that she had to young daughters to raise by herself greatly increased her distress. Curies feeling of desolation finally began to fade when she was asked to succeed her husband as a physics professor at the Sorbonne. She was the first woman to be given a professorship at the world-famous university. In 1911 she received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for isolating radium. Although Marie Curie eventually suffered a fatal illness from her long exposure to radium, she never became disillusioned about her work. Regardless of the consequences, she had dedicated herself to science and to revealing the mysteries of the physical world.


(i)The Curie’s ….. collaboration helped to unlock the secret of the atom.

(a) friendly                       (b) competitive

(c) courteous                   (d) industrious

Ans. (a) friendly

(ii) Marie had a bright mind and a ….. personality.

(a) strong                         (b) light hearted

(c) humorous                   (d) envious

Ans. (b) light hearted

(iii) When she learned that she could not attend the university in Warsaw, she felt ….

(a) hopeless                      (b) annoyed

(c) depressed                    (d) worried

Ans. (c) depressed

(iv) Which element is widely used for treating cancer?

(v) Why was Marie awarded the Nobel Prize?

(vi) Where did she earn her master’s degree and doctorate in physics?

(vii) Give the noun form of ‘desolate’.

(viii) How was Pierre killed?

(ix) Whom did she succeed as a physics professor at the Sorbonne?

Q.2. Read the following passage and make notes on the basis of your comprehension. Give a suitable title as well.          (4)

Education is the essential thing for our life, and it helps in the growth of human civilization. Education is necessary to understand the universe around us and convert it into something more beneficial. With the help of knowledge, we can develop a new perspective for our life. If people are educated, then they can know their responsibilities and rights quite well. First of all, education gives the ability to read and write two anyone. A good education is extremely essential for everyone to grow and succeed in life. Education increase self-confidence and assists in developing the personality of a person. Education plays a big role in our life. Education is split into 3 parts such as primary education, Secondary Education, and higher Secondary Education All these 3 divisions of education have their value and advantages. Primary education is the base of education for a person, Secondary Education paves the direction for further education and higher Secondary Education makes the future and the ultimate way of life.

Ans. Title – Education plays a great University’s

Class 11th English Varshik Paper 2023 MP Board

SECTION – B (Writting Skills)

Q.3. You are harsha sport secretary of your school write a notice for your school notice board about the sports meet to be held in the next week.    (4)


It has been planned to hold the annual sports meet of our school from.

25th to 28th February

Details of the meet will be given on 23rd February.

Sora Nawaz

Sports secretary.

You are Ravi Sharma. You want an English Tutor for your son. Write out an advertisement to be published in the classified column of a local newspaper.

Q.4. You are Devendra Sharma, a student of excellence H.S.S. Guna. Write an application to your principal requesting him to issue a character certificate.      (4)



The principle,

Cotton College,

Pan bazar Guwahati-6

Sub – Requesting for a character certificate

Respected sir,

It is to hereby inform that I (xyz) was a student of your college, in the English department for the years I completed my graduation with 86% & now I am planning to do my masters from the Guwahati I need to submit my character certificate. I was the G.S of the college & was culturally very active. Thus, I request a suitable good character certificate from the college’s end. I will be ever gratefull to you.

Thanking you,

Your obediently

Writer a letter to your friend inviting him to the marriage ceremony of your elder sister.

Q.5. Write an article on any one of the following topics in about 200 words.   (4)

(A) Importance of protecting trees

(B) Harmful effects of junk food

(C) Importance of English

(D) Importance of games and sports

You are the secretary of eco club of your school. Recently you celebrated “tree Plantation week”. Write a report for your school magazine.

SECTION – C (Grammar)

Q.6. Fill in the blank with appropriate choices given in the bracket. (Any five) (1×5=5)

(i) He is ________ MBA. (a/an/the)

Ans. an

(ii) Have you ________ complaint against me? (any/much/many)

Ans. any

(iii) ________I come in sir? (can/may/could)

Ans. may

(iv) he hasn’t got ________ money in his pocket. (any/some/few)

Ans. any

(v) She often ________ us in the evening. (visit/visits/visiting)

Ans. visits

(vi) The ball passed ________ his head. (over/above/under)

Ans. over

Class 11th English Varshik Paper 2023 MP Board

Q.7. Do as directed – (Any five)       (1×5=5)

(i) They are playing football. (Change the voice)

Ans. Football was being played by them.

(ii) Raja cried for milk. (Change into present indefinite)

Ans. Raja cries for milk.

(iii) Sita does not sing.

She does not dance. (Combine using ‘neither-nor’)

Ans. Neither does Sita sing nor does she dance.

(iv) If they work properly, they will not be punished.

(Rewrite using ‘unless’ in place of if)

Ans. Unless they fail to work properly.

(v) My name is Avnish.(frame a question)

Ans. What is your name?

(vi) Leela lives in Gwalior. (Change into present perfect continuous)

Ans. Leela have lived in Gwalior