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model state rajasthan eassy in hindi and English|मॉडल स्टेट राजस्थान सरकार की सामाजिक सुरक्षा योजनाएं पर निबंध


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Essay on Model State Rajasthan PDF

Model Rajasthan will build new Time to come will give its proof.

Introduction :- India’s culture has a different identity in the whole world, in which the state of Rajasthan has its own important role.

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Which has a unique identity of colorful culture. The land of sacrifice, sacrifice and bravery has been the ultimate glory of Rajasthan.

model state rajasthan sarkar ki samajik surakshit yojna

Presently, forward efforts are being made by the Rajasthan government to make Rajasthan a model state.

Essay on Model State Rajasthan 100,300 and 1500 words

Rajasthan as Model State:

Despite the adverse condition of the economy in the country, development work is being done in every field due to efficient financial management in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan has become a model state in various public welfare schemes, including medical and health, education, drinking water, electricity, road workers, employment. About one crore people are being given pension under social security in the state.

Eassy on Model State Rajasthan pdf

Model State Rajasthan Essay in Hindi


India is a vast country with many states and all are known for their different culture and tradition. Out of which Rajasthan is also a very rich and big state which is known for its unique and lovely culture.

At present, many efforts are being made by the Rajasthan government to make Rajasthan a model state. New schemes are being started by the government, as a result of which Rajasthan is emerging as a model state.

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Role of government in making model state

The Rajasthan government has taken care of all classes of people but has taken special care of the poor class and the working class. Financial assistance is also being given by the government to the people of this class.

So that not even a single person from the poor and working class remains hungry and can take care of himself and his family. The government is keeping in mind that all the people of the state will be prosperous only then a state can become a model state.

Social schemes of the government under Model State Rajasthan

1. Chiranjeevi Health Plan

Many schemes have been started by the government for public welfare, but among them ‘Chiranjeevi Health Scheme’ is very important. Under the Chiranjeevi Health Scheme, treatment up to Rs 10 lakh per family is being provided free of cost by the government.

2. Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Scheme

This scheme has been announced by the government with the aim of providing employment to every hand of the state. Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme was launched by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on September 2022

3. Girls Distance Education Scheme

This scheme has been started to encourage higher education of girls. As a result of this scheme, such girls or women who cannot go to college or university regularly due to any reason, will be linked to higher education through distance medium. Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot has implemented this scheme in his budget announcement 2022, 23.


Various public welfare schemes have been started in Rajasthan, as a result of which Rajasthan has emerged as a model state. Here the development works are going on smoothly in every field.

Public welfare schemes conducted in various fields including education, medicine, health, electricity, roads and employment have made Rajasthan a model state.

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