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future educational challenges essay

Abstract to The world has realized that the economic success of the states is directly determined by their education systems.

Education is a Nation’s Strength. A developed nation is inevitably an educated nation. Indian higher education
system is the third largest in the world, next to the United States and China.

essay on future educational challenges PDF in Hindi and English

Since independence, India as an developing nation is contentious bprogressing in the education field. Although there have been lot of challenges to higher education system
stem of India but equally have lot of. opportunities to overcome these challenges and t make higher education system much better.

It needs greater transparency and accountability, the role of colleges
and universities in the new millennium, and emerging scientific research on how people learn is of utmost important.

Future educational challenges pdf

future educational challenges essay in 1500 words

India need well skilled and highly educated people who can drive our economy forward. India provides highly skilled people to other countries therefore, it is very easy for India to transfer our country from a developing nation t a developed nation. The current study aims to highlight the challenges and to point out the opportunities in higher education system in India.

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India’s higher education system is the world’s third largest in terms of students, next to China and the United
States. In future, India will be one of the largest education hubs.

India’s Higher Education sector has witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of Universities/University level Institutions & Colleges since independence.

The ‘Right to Education Act’ which stipulates compulsory and f
sory and free education to all children within the age groups of 6-14 years, has brought about a revolution in the revealing a staggering enrolment in schools over the last four years. The involvement of private sector in higher
on system of the country with statistics
over the last the education system
education has seen drastic changes in the field.