Ap public final exam Question papers 2023 PDF Class 10th telugu

Ap public final exam Question papers 2023 PDF Class 10th telugu| class 10th Telugu exams Question paper 2023 PDF


Ap public final exam Question papers 2023 PDF Class 10th telugu

Venue: Zilla Parishad High School Grounds.
Get rid of the tattered shirt and buy a good book – Kandukuri Veereshalingam
11. Expression – Creativity
Alumni Association, Ullapalem.
(a) Enhancing the love of reading
What is the program?
(a) In whose name was the library established?
(e) Under whose auspices is the above programme?

class 10th Telugu exams Question paper 2023 PDF

(E) Make a question based on the handout.
Answer the following questions in four to five sentences.
Write about “Manikyaveena” textual poet.
Explain the process of “Introduction”.
7. Write about the character of ‘Bharathu’.
Answer the following questions in 8 to 10 sentences.
Pll 56% 1
Introduced by Govt at school level
Write how the friendship of Sri Rama Sugriva was formed.
Explain the story of Ramayana.
10. Write a letter to a friend telling about the tourist attractions you have seen.

Ap final exam question paper 2023 Class 10th telugu

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(36 Marks)
3 x 4 – 12
Write the similarities between birds and humans in rearing babies.
Write an answer justifying this “Villages are the birthplace of peaceful life.”
3×8 = 24
A famous Shataka poet came to attend the Bhashotsavam held in your school
Create a questionnaire to conduct the interview.

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Time: 3 Hours 15 Min.)
Instructions to students
1. There are three sections in the question paper.
15 minutes to study the question paper and 3 hours to write the answers. time
will be
IT & 02T
Answers to all questions should be written in the answer sheet itself.
Answers should be written clearly and roundly,
(First Language)
1. Write an antithesis to one of the following poems.
Section 1
His view buddhimi (the) Jachi sravana dwandvambu Rikkinchi vm
Chinna chanchadbhujamul samutkatakate seemambulan boonchi to
Kanabhoveedikin Benchi Younghruliriyam (Betti Bittoodi Gr
Kkunna nakkonda yadangu drokkiwaikim guppinchi langinchuchon
Vedic mythology
Analajyotula nee pativratalan badaruai dau Rs
Janulellan nijasampadal dojagi yasta dhwanulai pore ? V
What’s the point? Munnerungame Pulasma Brahmananthana? Mo
Janani! Hindava Bhumi Ne Pagidi Duscharitramul Sagne?
[Maximum Marks: 100
Complete one of the following verses without interruption and write the meaning.
His country, his language
– Bhaktachintamani!

Public final exams question paper 2023 Class 10th telugu

Read the following handout and answer the given questions.
Ayyanki Venkata Ramnaya Memorial Library
Inauguration Invitation
(32 Marks)
Write the following events from a hill in Ramayana in sequential order.
| Venue : Zilla Parishad High School Grounds
It is better to wear a torn shirt
(a) Sita Ramalakshmana left to see Dasharatha.
(a) Ayodhya decorated itself for the coronation festival of Sri Rama.
(e) Sri Rama blessed Padukas on Bharata’s request.
(e) The people following the chariot of Lord Rama like a shadow.
Libraries are national civilizations
Nilayams are tools to make citizens intelligent, intelligent and wise.
Symbols of cultures. To the wealth of knowledge
Retention increases by reading the scriptures. Breaks are well utilised.
Hence our state government too
To increase appetite,
| A program called ‘Chadavadamante Ma Kisham’ was introduced from the school level itself.)
Celebrating the 54th Library Week, Zilla Parishad High School,
We, Dallapalem Alumni, are students and the development of knowledge among the youth
| We have built a library with the will to grow. Librarianship
The library is named after the father Ayyanki Venkata Ramanaiah.
We did People participated in this inauguration program and made the program a success
We want to do it.
Chief Guest and Inaugural: Gau Praveen Kumar IAS,
-Ghallu Ghallanan.
P.T. O.
like this
Alumni Association, Ullapalem.
Mukko-Kandukuri Veereshalingam
l 56%