9th English Fa2 Question papers 2023 PDF

9th English Fa2 Question papers 2023 PDF/Fa2 Question paper 2023 Class 9th English/AP 9th Class English fa2 Exam Paper 2023



(Max. Marks: 20)
Class: IX]
[Time: 45 Mats
Roll No.:.
Name of the Student:

9th English Fa2 Question papers 2023 PDF

L. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: 5
D’Are you not ashamed of coming and sitting there after what you
did yesterday?” Just as a special honour to them, he read out the
names of a dozen students or so that had attended the

Fa2 Question paper 2023 Class 9th English

1. Who said these words?
2. Who does you’refer to?
3. What happened the previous day?
As each day grew longer
Our trust became stronger.
Each time I wanted to cry
You stayed there right by my side.

9th Class english fa 2 question paper 2023 pdf

AP 9th Class English fa2 Exam Paper 2023

4. Who do T and “you” refer to?
a) Father and son
b) Teacher and student
c) Wife and husband
5. What concem was shown by the teacher towards him? I
a) welfare of the student
by expressing doubt
c) asking for information

English Class 9th Fa2 Question paper 2023 PDF

A) Read the para and write the synonyms of the underlined words
choosing from the words given in the box.
4x + = 2
flowed, tactful, disonder, say, extreme, pain
These were some of t : disjointed (a) explanations which streamed (b)
into his head, and, which even at that moment, he was discreet (c) enough
not to express (d)

Fa 2 Exam paper 2023 Class 9th english

B) Read the paragraph and match the words under “A” with their
“antonyms’ under B
was nothing more (b) t
and did not care to deny (d) the charge.
a) Fact
b) More
c) Unconsciously
d) Deny

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9th Class fa2 question paper 2023 English pdf

It was a fact (a) that he had broken the panes. They had seen it. There
ciously (c) become defiant
1) confess
2) fiction
C) Use the following the phrasal verbs in sentences of your own 2x=1