10th class english sa1 question papers 2023 PDF

10th class english sa1 question papers 2023 PDF | AP SA 1 class 10th english exam Question paper 2023


10th class english Sa1 question papers 2023 PDF

Time: 3 Hrs. 15 Min.
This question paper has 35 questions in three Sections (A, B and C).
Answer All the questions on a separate answer book supplied to you.
15 minutes of time is allotted exclusively for reading the question paper and 3 hours for writing
the answers.


Q. No.(1-5): Read the following Conversation carefully. Philosophically too, Roberge feels, Ray took off where Tagore signed out. If one compares the last major prose piece by Tagore, “Shabhyatar Sankat (Crisis of Civilisation), which he wrote at the beginning of the Second World War, which contains his immortal dictum that in spite of what was happening it would be a sin to lose faith in Man, and the last three films of Ray Ganashatru, Shakha Prashakha and Agantuk the analogy becomes clear.

In these three films Ray was at his most personal and when some critics saw the films as didactic and verbose, he felt deeply hurt. For, in these last films, Satyajit was directly talking to us, conveying his personal message on society and civilization. If the impulse that motivated his earlier films was aesthetics, in the last three it was self-expression. And there we were denying him his right to speak. As the saying goes, no one is a prophet in one’s own country’, said Roberge. An agnostic throughout his life, it is possible, Roberge feels, that in the face of death Ray was searching for an answer. This was suggested by some of the
music that he used in Shakha Prashakha. (Rendezvous with Ray)

10th english ap sa1 question paper 2023

Now, Answer the following questions.
Why did Ray feel deeply hurt?
Ray is an agnostic what does this mean?
…………. the analogy becomes clear. Here the analogy is in between
A) Ganashatru, Shakha Prashakha
Answer all the questions of Section-B (Grammar and Vocabulary) in the same order at one place
in your answer book.
SECTION -A (Reading Comprehension)
B) Shabhyatar Sankat and Rays films
C) Shakha Prashakha and Agantuk
The immortal dictum we find in Ray’s last major prose piece is
A) We should be civilised
B) We should lose faith in man
C) We should not lose faith in man
In Ray’s last films we find……
A) Nature
B) Aesthetics
(6-8): Read the following Stanza carefully.
So I have learned many things, son.
I have learned to wear many faces
like dresses-home face,
office face, street face, host face,
cocktail face, with all their conforming smiles
like a fixed portrait smile.
Choose the correct answers to the following questions.
Who has learned many things?
A) Father
B) Son
How does the poet change his faces?
B) street face
C) like dresses
A) office face
Find out the figure of speech used in the phrase “like a fixed portrait smile’.
A) Metaphor
B) Simile

10th english sa1 question paper 2023

AP SA1 class 10th english Question paper 2023

Q. No.(9-10): Read the following Passage carefully.
Setbacks are inevitable in life. A setback can act as a driving force and also teach us humility. In grief
you will find courage and faith to overcome the setback. We need to learn to become victors, not victims. Fear
and doubt short-circuit the mind. Ask yourself after every setback: What did I learn from this experience?
Only then you will be able to turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone. (Every Success Story is also a
Story of Great Failures)
Now, answer the following questions.
9. The mind is short-circuited by
A) fear and doubt
C) death
A man can turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone
A) by leaming from his setbacks
B) by running away from his setbacks
C) by fear and doubt
Q. No.(11-15): Study the following Poster.

Max. Marks: 100
C) Self expression
Date 14 to 24 November
(Once Upon a Time)
C) People in the past

Now, answer the following questions.
11. What is the poster about?
Who is conducting the exhibition?
Who makes the sales in the exhibition?
A) Artisans
14. How many days is the sale conducted?
A) 14 days
B) 11 days
15. Pick out the right statement from those given below.
A) The sale is to exhibit the art and culture of different states in India.
B) There is a sale of toys, handlooms, decorative items and books.
C) The sale is conducted for 30 days.

SA 1 ap 10th english exam Question paper 2023

SECTION-B (Grammar and Vocabulary)
B) Manya showroom
16. Combine the following sentences by using ‘who’.
My uncle was born in Bengaluru. He speaks five languages.
17. Change the following sentence into Passive voice.
i) Hello is it Career Guidance Portal?
A) Seeking advice [ ]
C) Making a request [ ]
ii) Shall I wait till you come?
A) Seeking permission []
C) Making a request [ ]
C) People of Karnataka
C) 24 days
We must help the poor.
18. Combine the following sentences by using “If.
Protect your environment. The world will come t
19. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions given in the brackets.
A) Sravani goes to school
Sudha daily (according to/inspite of/along with)
B) The physical director of our school selected me…………my friend, Ganesh for  match.

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AP 10th english sa1 question paper answer key 2023 Pdf

(inspite of/in place of/a head of)
20. Fill in the blanks with suitable forms of verbs given in the brackets.
A) I
(kno her for nearly four years.
B) After she…………..(complete) her work, she went to bed.
21. Your friend always uses plastic carry bags. Advise him/her to use gunny bags.
Change the following into polite request.
You to your teacher: “Send me Google meet link again. It’s not working’.
23. What do the following sentence mean? Choose the right answer and write it in your answer book.
a) unsuccessful ()
b) strength
c) triumph
d) adversity
B) Seeking information [ ]
D) Asking a question []

Column – B

24. Read the Paragraph and write the synonyms of the underlined words choosing the words given
in the box.
2 M
2 M
fame, prove, shown, critics, prosperity, approve
Roberge does not endorse (a) the accusation of Ray’s detractors (b) that the master director made his
reputation (e) selling India’s poverty to the west. What struck me most was not the material poverty
depicted (d) in the films, but the enormous spiritual poverty of some rich people is much more deplorable
than material poverty,’ he said.
25. Read the Paragraph and match the words given in column-A with their antonyms in column-B.
At age ten Nick tried to drown himself in the bath but luckily the attempt was unsuccessful (a). I felt
there was no purpose when you lack purpose and strength (b). It is hard to hold on,” he said. But with the help
of his religion, friends and family, Nick managed to pull through to become a symbol of triumph (e) over
adversity (d).
3) prosperity
4) winning
5) weakness
26. Fill in the blanks with the right form of the words given in brackets.
Ben is also in (a) (completely/ complete/ completion) new mourning. He is rather a jolly little
man, but at (b) (present/presently/presence) trying to adapt himself to the
(regret/regrettable/regretted) occasion. Mrs. Jordan sails into the room and
(solemnly/solemn/solemnness) goes straight to Mrs. Slater and kisses her. The men shake hands.
27. Complete the following spellings with au, ua ,ea, ae, ia or ai.
A) I totally love the English Premier L__
B) Roberge was acqu__nted with the works of Satyajit Ray through the Apu Trilogy.
28. Complete the words with correct suffixes given in the brackets.
A) Nick’s father was a computer programmer and account…….. (ant/ent).
B) He always was thought (full/ful) in that way.
29. Find the wrongly spelt word and write the correct spelling.
A) facinating, perseverance, guidance, balance
B) arrange, analisis, appeal, delicate
30. Read the following dictionary entry  sympathy, or consideration
for humans or animals humanely adverb

Synonyms: Compassionate, kind hearted, sympathetic, warm hearted
Antonyms: Barbaric, brutal, cold-blooded, cruel, inhumane, savage
It’s not humane to treat animals that way. Conditions in the prison are more humane now.

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