stem education without boundaries essay 1500 words PDF

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STEM Education is specific education
related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It is an acronym for FOUR disciplines.

Stem education without boundaries essay pdf

stem education without boundaries essay 1500 words and 500 words PDF

Many people of India consider STEM as a pillar of a student’s career. Indian schools have introduced STEM education right from the elementary school.

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The STEM fields are considered the keystones for the advancement of a person in his or her career.

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But in my opinion, equal importance should be given to the non-STEM disciplines also. Non-STEM is the study of disciplines other than Science,
Technology, Engineering and Math.

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It can comprise the study of Business Management, Finance, Fashion etc.,
Non-STEM disciplines have a diverse range of career opportunities.  For example, without a Sales and business development team, there is no
business and no company can exist.

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Journalism, hotel management, finance
management, Human Resource Manager, Auditor, Translator, fashion design, lecturers, and sales managers are some of the high-paid non-STEM
career opportunities.

Children at a young age look up to their parents for guidance and support. Parents should not force their children to pursue subjects without taking into
consideration of their child’s capabilities and wishes.

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Parents should not decide their child career. Indian parents start dreaming of their child as an engineer or a doctor even before they are born. The child’s choice is ignored. In my opinion, students should be free to study subjects of their choice. They should have the freedom to pursue a career of their choice.