Plus two 12th half yearly exam Question papers and answers keys 2022 PDF

Plus two 12th half yearly exam Question papers and answers keys 2022 PDF |12th Tamil half yearly exam Question papers 2022, 23


12th standard half yearly exam 2022, 23 Original Question paper and answers key PDF-Hello friends welcome to our blog and in this post you will see that the tamilnadu board of Education conducts Half yearly Question paper 2022, 23 So you can download the 12th standard all subjects question paper 2022 and answers keys pdf download

class 12 english half yearly question papers with answers 2022

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Class 12th standard half yearly Question paper 2022

12th Tamil half yearly exam Question papers and answers keys 2022 to 2023 PDF

I. Answer all questions:
Choose the most appropriate synonyms of the underlined words from the options:
1. As we made the rounds, my interest was provoked by their demeanour. (DEMEANOUR)
a) appearance and behaviour
b) amble
c) sloth d) annihilation
2. I had eleven broken ribs and a perforated lung.
a) aspirated
3. A few people from
b) damaged with holes c) enlarged d) swollen
the house of bereavement stood outside.
a) rejoice
b) celebration. c) grief
d) war

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Choose the most suitable antonyms of the underlined words from the options:
4. One does not feel wise, braver or optimistic
a) opportunistic b) cheerful
d) pessimistic
c) realistic
5. From here, the ridge narrowed to a knife – edge.
a) broadened
b) contracted
c) decreased
d) reduced
6. The end of such liberty would be universal Chaos.
a) Confusion b) orderliness c) disorder
d) commotion

Class 12th english half yearly Question papers with answers 2022 PDF Tamil

7. Replace the underlined idiom with its suitable meaning from the options.
How can anyone make both ends meet with Just Rs. 2,000/- a month?
a) join both ends b) arrange for a party
d) account for the meeting
c) manage with the
8. Replace the underlined words with the euphemistic expression:
Slow learners are to be taken care of additionally.
a) unwilling learners b) bright
c) late bloomers d) hyper active
9. Choose the word that can be placed before the word brow from the options to
form a compound word.
a) brown
b) eye
c) hair
d) thick
10. Choose correct American English word for British English word Time Table
d) planner
a) plan
b) agenda
c) schedule
11. Fill in the blanks with the suitable phrasal preposition choosing from the options:
Our teacher always acts.
her students.
a) on account of b) in favour of
c) inspite of

12th physics half yearly question paper 2022

12. Choose the suitable linker from the options to fill the blank:
she can drive she prefers to travel by bus.
a) Although b) Because c) If
13. Fill in the blank choosing the right word from two.
Dr. Abdul Kalam was an
a) blotic + digit
b) billion + digit
16. Choose the unclipped form of pants
a) elephants
b) pantry
c) pantaloons
17. Form a word by adding suitable suffix to the word “fertile”
a) – ity
b) -ness
c) -able
(eminent/imminent) scientist.
14. Replace the underlined word with a suitable phrasal verb from the option.
The fire was extinguished by the fire service staff.
a) put up
b) put in
d) put off
15. Choose the right combination for the
d) binary + digit
d) triumphant
d) -ment
c) put out
blended word ‘bit’.
c) binary + bitt
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12th chemistry half yearly question paper 2022 to 2023

18. Choose the best option that is the expansion of the abbreviation ATM
b) Automated Teller Machine
d) Automated Teller Man
a) Automatic Teller Machine
c) Automatic Typing Machine
19. Choose the suitable question tag and complete the sentence:
a) Why couldn’t they do anything?
b) Why did they feel helpless.
22. The giant wears the scarf and flowers are hung
d) instead of
a) Who is the giant here?
b) What is the figure of speech used here?
23. Then the whining school boy, with his satchel
d) Unless
She rarely comes to the company
a) does she?
b) doesn’t she
c) don’t she?
d) will she?
20. Identify the sentence pattern of the following from the options:
I have the same dagger.
a) SVO
c) SVC
b) Bring out the significance of ‘Sceptre
25. Tell him time as a stuff can be wasted.
Tall him
Tell him to be a fool ever so often
II. a] Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer any four sets: 4×2=8
21. We could do nothing being sold
26. A film the mother – eagle’s eye
When her bruised eaglet breathes
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
a) How does the boy walk to school?
ma (d
b) What is the figure of speech used in the second line?
This le
24. This is my son, mine own Telemachus,
To whom I leave the sceptre and the isle
Well-loved of me
a) Who is compared to the mother eagle here?
b] Do as
Do as directed any three of the following:
b) Explain the comparison?
27. Report the following dialogue:
Marks: 90
ne (d
10006 (b
a) To
To whom does Ulysses entrust his kingdom to in his absence?
a) Why does the poet suggest that time can be wasted?
b) Identify the figure of speech used

12th biology half yearly question paper 2022 to 2023

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything
33. He will be lonely enough
to have time for the work
Where are you going?
I’m going to the railway station to receive my uncle.
28. Our television is being repaired now. (Change the voice)
29. If your had listened to me you would have passed. (Begin with had)
30. This is not the way to answer. (Change into complex)
III.a] Explain any two passages with reference to the context:
31. It is the tree’s lament, an eerie speech.
32. Is second childishness and mere oblivion;

12th economics half yearly question paper 2022 to 2023 PDF

b] Answer any two of the following questions in two or three sentences:
34. What made the boys work so hard?
35. How was the unattended trolley put to use?
36. What does the ‘rule of the road’ mean?
c] Answer any three of the following:
37. Complete the proverbs choosing the correct word from the options:
is the mother of invention.
c) Retention
c) grown
a) conversation
il) Don’t count your chicks before they are.
a) matured
ill) Doubt is the key to
b) Necessity
b) hatched
a) knowledge b) deeds
c) words
38. Describe the process of making apple juice.
39. Rearrange the following words into meaningful sentences:
a) the dictionary of /impossble is /only to be / fools / found in / a word.
b) is on/Gas cylinders/ constant hike/Liquid Petroleum/ the cost of
c) problems/to challenges / seek out / and convert them / we must
40. Study the ple-chart given and answer the question choosing the right answer from
the options:
Temperatures of various places in Tamil Nadu.

a) Which is the coolest place in Tamil Nadu?
ii) Yercaud
i) Ooty
iii) Kodaikanal
b) Which place has the second highest temperature?
ill) Chennal

Answer the following:
41. a) Write a paragraph of about 150 words:
i) Madural
ii) Trichy
c) Which places are hotter than Chennai?
I) Madurai and Trichy ii) Kanyakumari and Trichy iii) Trichy and Mettupalayam
On the character sketch of Nicola and Jacopo.
b) Give an account of the journey of Hillary and Tenzing to South Col from 28,000
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42. a) Describe the various stages of a man’s life as pictured by William Shakespeare.
b) How does the poet advise his son who is at threshold of manhood.
43. Develop the following hints into a few short paras and give a title:
a) Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov – young merchant- sets out to fair-aganist wife’s
waming stays in an inn- next morning sets off-gets arrested supposed to
have killed the merchant sent to – Siberia spends the time reading and
praying-gains respect. Makar comes there seems to know Aksionov – his
behaviour makes Aksionov suspect-finally-learns-Makar had murdered – the
Merchant Aksionov Forgives Makar- order of release arrive – Aksionov is dead.
b) Ausable a secret agent – fat and sloppy – not a romantic figure – came to Paris
from Boston twenty years ago – presence of mind – no losing heart in difficult
situation-face Max with Pistol cool not panic-cooked up story of Balcony-
Max nervous about police Dominate Max-no fight- no shooting – Fowler
impressed by Ausable’s Intelligence and presence of mind.

History 12th half yearly question paper 2022 to 2023

44. Make summary of the following:
To match the best cities across the world the Govt. of India initiated’s smart
cities’ to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people. The
agenda under smart city promises to resolve urban sustainability problems. Urban
forests provide a range of important ecosystem services that are critical for
sustainability of cities. Urban forestry which is defined more as ‘Management of
Trees’ contributes to the physiological, sociological and economic well-being of the
Mangroves, lakes, grasslands and forests in and around our cities, act as sponges
that absorb the air and noise pollution and they present themselves as our cultural
and recreational hotspots. However, these spots are rapidly being reclaimed and
replaced in the name of development. Presence of Urban green has shown to
increase the economic value of the place.
iv). One of the boy has got the first prize.
v) I have seen Taj Mahal in 1999.
b) Match the following sentences with suitable field given below:
Tannery ordered to be closed.
b) Write a paragraph on the importance of good health.
45. a) Write a letter to your friend about your recent tour to kodaikanal.
b) Write a letter to Sub-Inspector of police complaining the theft of your bike.
46. a) Read the following, spot the error and rewrite the sentences correctly:
i) Mithra as well as her daughters enjoy singing.
i) Though she is weak but she is active.
iii) I met in an accident.
ii) Gold prices hiked.
ii) Madurai farmers turning tech experts.
iv) Measles to be eliminated by South East Asian Countries by 2025.
v) Indian weight lifters bag awards.
[Economy, Agriculture, Health, Sports, Environment]
47. a) Write a dialogue between a doctor and a patient using atleast five responses
b) Develop the hints into a story of 150 words:

Plus two 12th half yearly exam Question papers and answers keys 2023 PDF

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