Essay on Messages that the national war memorial conveys

Essay on Messages that the national war memorial conveys


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A memorial is very important to most people and its purpose is to keep a remembrance of a person or event. Another purpose of a memorial is to keep a person’s identity for a loved one.  We create memorial that celebrates the lives and personalities of those we have lost and provide a place where these cherished images and biographies will have a permanent home. After war, atrocities and disasters, architects build memorials. we can say that memorials are key to acknowledging and paying respect to the past. 

The history of India has been one of the greatest in the world. such great persons were born on India’s death who without caring about their lives, gave their lives for the country. The national war memorial was built to always remind the martyrdom of those great persons. The National War Memorial in India is a national monument built to honour and member soldiers of the Indian military who fought in armed conflicts of Independent India. 

The names of armed forces personnel killed during the armed conflicts with Pakistan and China as well as the 1961 war in Goa, Operation Pawan, and other operations such as operation Rakshak are inscribed on the memorial walls in golden letters.  The monument is spread over 40 Acres of land and was built by the Government of India. The War Memorial stands proud at the heart of Delhi. 

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Messages that the National War Memorial Conveys

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