Eassy on Advantages and disadvantages of online classes

Eassy on Advantages and disadvantages of online classes


Advantages and disadvantages of online classes-Hello friends, all of you are welcome in our website Paragraph Essay on Advantages and disadvantages of online classes 400,500,700 and 800 words In today’s post you will see that through our website you can write on You can also download the PDF of the essay’s painting,Drawing

ADVANTAGES of online classes

(1) Extendibility, Accessibility, and Suitability – Users can proceed through a training

program at their own pace and at their own place. They can also access the training

at any time, receiving only as much as they need. In other words, “Just in time and just enough

(2) Quicker and cheaper) turnaround of finished product.

(3) Collaborative and exploratory learning environments.

(4) Easy and affordable training delivery – Chances are and you’ll want to access this

before embarking on WBT) your audience has access to a browser. Validate what

browser(s) your audience has and what version(s) and you can capitalize on the delivery vehicle.

(5) Cross Platform – WBT can be accessed by web browsing software on any platform:

windows, MAC, Unix, etc. Basically, you can deliver your training course to any

machine over the Interet or company intranet without having to develop a different

course for each unique platform.

DISADVANTAGES online classes

(1) Limited formatting of content in current browsers. The WBT you create will not

resemble the CBT you might be familiar with because of Net bandwidth constraints.

So if your content relies on a lot of media bells and whistles,” or particular

formatting, the Net might not be the best delivery medium.

(2) Bandwidth/browser limitations may restrict instructional methodologies –

Again, you are constrained by the technology. If your content relies on a lot of video,

audio, or intense graphics, and your audience isn’t on a TI line, Net delivery will

only frustrate your learners.

(3) Limited bandwidth means slower performance for sound, video, and large

graphics. Know the bandwidth available to your audience, and what’s reasonable

“wait” time for them before you commit to the Net. On average, most mobile end-

users are still running on a 28.8 kpbs connection.

(4) Someone must provide web server access, control usage, and bill users (if

applicable) – The Net doesn’t magically solve all of your resource issues. Plan on

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