Disadvantages and substitutes of single use plastic thermocol essay

Eassy on Disadvantages and substitutes of single use plastic thermocol


Disadvantages of Single Use Plastics / Thermocol

Quit Plastic Consumption Now
Connected with the development of India”

Introduction– The use of plastic in today’s world became very important for human life Is. excessive plastic consumption not only become increasingly dangerous to the environment is But slowly, as many as on the earth Creatures reside. for the lives of all is also positively affecting. going

Meaning of single use plastic: single use plastic one such plastic which we only use do times. thrown away once used single-use plastic is called Also called thermocol plastic It is said.Yokol, plastic malignancy,
Single cup, plate, straw and pouch etc. Pug is an example of plastic.

disadvantages of thermocol-Commonly named thermocol from The famous polystyrene acu respa is the only study, which is not disposed of naturally. It is very flammable and on burning Harmful gases are generated. Increasing consumption of rivers, lakes in our daily life And the sea water also has a bad effect
not only but A problem of concern for the whole earth has been made. because no thermocol Is. small pieces of land and sea A big reason to get

“Come together boycott
Make earth a plastic free world”

conclusion :-
If single consumable plastic is used correctly If not dealt with by the year 2050 Tons of plastic waste accumulates around us So we have to change our physical tendency basic steps to take with changes in
It is necessary only then that along with the marine life With every animal in the world Coexistence can exist.

“Our resolve is the same
Making a Plastic Free India

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