9th English FA 1 Question Paper 2022 PDF

9th english FA 1 Question Paper 2022 PDF | FA 1 class 9th english Question paper 2022


Class 9th English Question paper answer 2022

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class 9th class
subject9th English FA 1 Question Paper 2022

Ap 9th class fa 1 formative assement Question paper 2022

9th english FA 1 Question Paper 2022

Class: IX
(Max. Marks : 20)
Time: 60mins
Name of the Student:
I. Reading comprehension
Read the following passages and answer the questions given below.
It was a hot summer night about ten o’clock.I had my meal at the restaurant
and returned to my room. I heard a noise from above as I opened the door. The
sound was a familiar one.

  1. What was the season mentioned in the passage?
  2. Where did he have his meal?
  3. What did he hear when he open the door?
    Said the duck to the kangaroo,
    Good gracious! How you hop!
    Over the fields and the water too,
    As if you never would stop!
  4. What are the animals mentioned in the poem?
  5. Where does the kangaroo hop?
    II. Grammar
    Edit the following passage by correcting the underlined parts: 4x=2
    Taj Mahal was (a) situaged in Agra in (b) the banks of the river, Yamuna. It is built
    in the memory off (c) Mumtaz. It is an (d) rare example of architectural beauty.
    Fill in the blanks with suitable phrasal verbs.
    setup, look at, look into,
    a) The headmaster is
    b) My father
    2) The patient died. The doctor arrived.
    a new business.
    Combine the pair of sentences using the past perfect and the simple past
    1) I brushed my teech. I took my breakfast.
    Fill in the blanks with vowel clusters (ae, ea, ei, ui)
    a) b
    uty b)c_
    Fill in the blanks with suffixes
    a) hand
    b) admi
    the complaint
    Find the wrongly spelt word and write it correctly. 2x½ = 1
  1. Simply, because, world, attension A:
  2. Silense, wonder, effort, married A:
    Put the words under correct headings.
    (thief, restaurant, house, homeopath, room, doctor, friend, hospital)
    Creative expression
    Write a descriptive on any unusual or humorous incident you
    may have witnessed, experienced or heard.

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