10th english trimasik paper 2022

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English                                                                                                                 Class Xth

SectionA (Reading) 

I.Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

About two third of the Earth’s surface is water. Land therefore covers a comparati vely small area of our planet. The world population is increasing very rapidly It is said, three times as much food as we produce at present will be needed by the year to come, if everyone is to have enough to eat. Only half of the world population today can afford enough of the right kind of food. The amount that people eat also varies considerably. A worker in the U.S.A for example, eats three and a half times as much food a day as a farmer in South-East Asia. Much more food can be grown where the soil and climate are good. A farmer in Canada could probably feed eleven families with the food, he produces.

Questions: 1. Most of the Earth’s surface is covered with.

a) Land

b) Water

c) Sand


2. What part of the world’s population can afford the right kind of food?

3. The amount that people eat varies considerably.’ Give an example.

4. Which place on the Earth is suitable for growing more food?

Complete the following: 5. About.. of the Earth’s surface is water.

6. The world population iS. … Very rapiaiy.

7. Three times as much food as we produce at present …..

8. A farmer in ….. could probably feed eleven families with the food he produces.

II. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

In India working women lead a life of dual responsibilities. If they are married and have a family. In the west many women are career consciOus and are committed to their jobs. Here in India, women still have traditional roles to fulfill. There are four categories of working women in India. Some work while they are waiting for marriage. A majority work because they are qualified, want a second income and a different kind of life for the part of the day. A small section consists of career women. A sizeable section of women are bread winners. The working women prefer to stay in joint families. Their children can be taken care of while they are at work. These women often do their shopping on the way from office. They reserve their weekends for heavy house work. Weekends are also reserved for spending time with their spouses and children. They prefer to leave the financial decision making and budgeting to their husbands. They prefer jobs with flexible timings. Indian women are managing their double roles successfully.

Questions: 9. There are. .. categories of working women in India.

a) two Complete the following:

b) four



10. They are committed…..

11. In India working wOmen …..

12. A sizeable section….

13. They reserve their weekends for…. *

14. Give two reasons behind working by the majority of women.

15. Why do majority of working women prefer to stay in joint family?

16. Find the words from the passage which mean the following:

a) devoted


17. Make sentence with the following words.

a) Qualified.



Writing & Grammar

18. Write a letter to the Principal of your school to provide computer learning facility in your school. (In about 150 words)


Write a letter to the Area Manager, B.S.N.L requesting him to get the serious fault of dead telephones of your area repaired.

19. Write a paragraph on any one of the topics given below in about 150 words.

a) An ldeal Teacher

b) My Ambition 

c)Life in a Big city.

III. Choose the correct option and answer the following questions:

 20. The reporting words of the speaker without making any change in it is known as-

a) Direct speech

 c) Normal speech

b) Indirect speech

 d) None of these

21. Affirmative sentence of “She is not guilty’ is

a) She is not innocent

 c) She was guilty

b) She is innocent

 d) None of these

22. Change into compound sentence- Taking a pen, she wrote a letter.

b) Taking a pen she write a letter d) None of these

a) She took a pen and wrote a letter c) She wrote letter

23. Passive voice of “She was writing a letter’ is-

b) A letter was being written by her

 d) None of these

a) She wrote a letter

c) She writes a letter

24. Superlative degree of ‘Gold is more precious than any other metal’ is

a) Gold is the most precious of all metals

. b) Gold is more precious.

 c) Gold is precious then all metals

d) None of these

25. Indirect speech of The teacher said, “The earth is round.” is

a) The teacher said that the earth was round

. b) The teacher said that the earth is round.

 c) The teacher said the earth can be round. d) None of these

26. Sanjay was writing a letter is an example of.

a) Simple past tense

 c) Past perfect tense

b) Past continuous tense

d) None of these

27. The interrogative form of “Everybody loves his country’ is

a) Who loves his country?

 c) Who does not love his country’?

b) Who did love his country?

d) None of these

28. The present continuous form of “He has gone’ is …..


29. The simple past of ‘Win’ is.. …

30. Fill in the blanks with the suitable modals given in brackets:

(must, will, may, can)

a) He…… Write a letter.

b) Who win the race?

C) we…. obey the laws of traffic.

d) Labour hard so that you ….. pass.

31. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs given in brackets: 

a) The patient. .. before the doctor came. (die)

b) She is.. beautifully. (sing)

c) He had.. the match. (win)

d) India ….. independence in 1947. (get)

32. Transform the following sentences as directed in the brackets:

 a) You are too lazy to work. (Remove ‘too’)

b) Who would not run from a lion? (Into assertive sentence)

c) She said, “I am playing.” (Into indirect speech)

d) He wrote a letter. (Into passive voice)

33. Write the comparative and superlative degree of the following:

b) happy

a) honest


Literature Text Book

a]  prose

34. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

During our childhood in Goa, the baker used to be our friend, companion and guide. He used to come at least twice a day. Once, when he set out in the morning on his selling round, and then again, when he returned after emptying his huge basket. The jingling thud of his bamboo woke us up from sleep and we ran to meet and greet him. Why was it so? Was it for the love of the loaf? Not at all. The loaves were brought by some Paskine or Bastine, the maid servant of the house! What we longed for were those bread-bangles which we chose carefully. Sometimes it was sweet bread of special make. Questions:

 a) How did the people in Goa look at the baker?

b) What aroused the narrator from sleep in the morning when he was a child?

c) What did the narrator long for ?

d) Find a word from the passage which means ringing or clinking sound.

35. Lencho demanded …….. from God.

a) 100 pesos

b) 70 pesos

 c)30 pesos

d) None of these

36. The name given to Anne’s diary was

a) Pinky

b) Sweety

d) None of these

c) Kitty

37. Coorg is the smallest district of …….

b) Karnataka

d) None of these

a) Kerala

c) Mysore

38. Nelson Mandela was the president of .

b) North America

a) South America

d) None of these

c) South Africa

39. Answer the following question.

Sketch the character of Lencho.


What made Anne decide to write a diary?


40. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow

I am an orphan, roaming the street, I pattern soft dust with my hushed, bare feet The silence is golden, the freedom is sweet. 

a) Name the poem from where this extract has been taken.

b) Who has written these lines?

c)What is she doing?

d) How does the speaker make designs?

41. Who shook the dust of snow from the hemlock tree?

d) None of these

a) Woodpecker

b) Crow

c) Parrot

42. Who wrote the poem “Fire and Ice”.

a) Leslie Norris

 c) Robert Frost

b) John Berryman

d) None of them

43. Where has the boy lost his ball?

b) in the school

 d) at homne

a) in the water 

c) in the fire

44. Answer the following question.

How does the tiger terify the villagers ?


What is the “dust of snow’. What does the poet say has changed his mood?


45. .. Was a brilliant scientist.

d) None of these

a) Horace Danby

b) Ausable

c) Griffin

46. Bholi was the … daughter of Ramlal.

b) third

c) fourth

d) None of these


47. What did Richard Ebright collect during his childhood?

b) rocks


d) All of these


48. Who was Tricki in the story ‘A Triumph of surgery’.

49. Sketch the character of Griffin.


What was the cause of Matilda’ s ruin?

1]What did lencho hope for?

2] Why did Lencho say raindrops. were like new the Coins ?

3] who read the letter

4] what did postmaster do then?

5]  what is a dust of snow?  what does the poet say has changed his mood! How has the poot’s mood changed

 6]  Can you say how 10 may it an equtumn day! i south Africa ?

  7] What does Mandela thank the international leaders for ?

8]    What twin obligations does Mandela mention?

   9) what compelled the young seagull to finally fly

10)  why was the young seagull afraid to fly?

(11) I’ll take the nisk “what is the risk ? why does the narator take it ?

(12) How dloes the poet suggest that you identify the lion and the tiger

(13) What does in the world of possessions! mean ?

(14) why does the poet say, ” would not intrude on I on him”

15] why is mrs. fumphrey worried about tricki

16] How does he treat the dog

17] Why is he tempted to keep Tricki guest?

 18] What is he fairly successful hand at ?

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