Railway Board Orders 2011

  1. Provision of additional set of uniform for Breakdown staff.

  2. Provision of Carrying ID Proof during journey on reserved tickets.

  3. Trade Union Education Programme for the year-2012.

  4. Inclusion of Institutes Societies, updating name of Institution in the list of recognized Institutions, for membership and reimbursement of membership fee.

  5. Revised training modules for supervisors of Mechanical Department.

  6. Revised training modules for supervisors of Electrical Department.

  7. Revised training modules for Assistant Loco Pilots.

  8. Revised training modules for S&T supervisors.

  9. Minutes of 45th PREM meeting held on 11.11.11 at APEX level.

  10. Age limits of staff other than involved in Train passin & operation for Refresher Courses has been revised.

  11. Annual Time schedule for Recruitment of Group D staff in Pay Band of Rs. 5200-20200(Grade Pay Rs. 1800).

  12. Recognition of Engineering Diploma/Degrees obtained through Distance Learning Mode for employment purpose in Railways.

  13. Railway Board Orders regarding Minimum qualification for Recruitment/Engagement of Persons in Pay Band of Rs. 5200-20200(Grade Pay Rs. 1800).

  14. Revision of Honorarium of Part Time Dental Surgeons in Indian Railways.

  15. Rates of Night Duty Allowance-Effective Date 01-07-2011.

  16. Extra Slots for women employees in PNM of Unions at Zonal and Divisional Level.

  17. Modification in the qualification to the post of Radiographer in PB 5200-20200 GP Rs. 2800 in Medical Deptt.

  18. Revision of Rates of stipend to apprentices and trainees on Railways.

  19. Payment of Road Mileage allowance for staff attending duties in Metro Cities.

  20. Merger of Grades-Revised Classification and mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts vacancies after 31.12.2011.

  21. Manpower Planning-Rightsizing of Indian Railways.

  22. PREM-Provision of facilities extended to PREM Group.

  23. Encashment of Leave to be granted to railway servannts on their appointment in central public enterprises.

  24. Grant of family pension to the dependent family members of Railway Servants/Pensioners reported missing-clar. reg.

  25. Payment of family pension at enhanced rates to the widowed/divorced/unmarried daughters beyond 25 years of age-clarification reg.

  26. Revised training modules for supervisors of S&T department.

  27. Payment of Ex-gratia lumpsum compensation to the families of Railway Employees who die in harness on duty-withdrawl of ceiling limit.

  28. Revised pay limits for entitlement of School Pass & Residential Card Pass-RBE145/2011.

  29. Reimbursement of medical expenses-delegation of powers to Divisional Railway Managers.

  30. Railway Board's ordres regarding payment of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees-Revised Rates effective from 01.07.11.

  31. Fixation of Pay of medically de-categorized Running staff working on supernumerary posts-Granting benefits of running allowance.

  32. Family pension granted to dependent parents of deceased railway employee.

  33. Revised Training Modules for Assistant Loco Pilots.

  34. Clarification on Children Education Allowance.

  35. Second Class/Sleepar Class pass has been allowed in Garib Rath Trains- RBE/131-2011-AIRF PNM item no. 18/209.

  36. Delegation of powers in respect of compassionate appointments-clar. reg.

  37. Reclassification of Saharanpur City as 'Y' Class city for the purpose of Huse Rent.-Effective Date:01.06.11.

  38. Expert Committee for modernization of Indian Railways has been constituted.

  39. Dress Regulation 2004-Payment of stitching charges-effective date 01.04.11.

  40. Retention of Railway Quarters at the previous place of posting in NF Railways.

  41. Target date of disposal of cases received from sports persons for recruitment against sports quota through Talent scouting.

  42. Target date of disposal of cases received from sports persons for recruitment against sports quota through Talent scouting.

  43. Travelling Allowance rules-journey on Transfer/Retirement.

  44. Stepping up Pay of Senior Employee as compared to Junior-Clarification reg.

  45. Clarification regarding use of Organisational card pass.

  46. Report of training centers of Indian Railways-Calculation of capacity utilization.

  47. Revised training module for supervisors of Mechanical Department-Training reduced from 78 weeks to 52 weeks.

  48. Railway Board's Order regarding month of Ramzan.

  49. Grant of Pay Scale Rs. 5000-8000 to mistry/supervisors works w.e.f 01.01.96.

  50. Grant Transport allowance to Ghaziabad Staff, case referred to MOF-AIRF PNM item no. 17/2010.

  51. ACP Scheme-Motormen for BCT Division-Clar. reg.

  52. ACP Scheme for Railwaymen-Clarification in respect of selection posts.

  53. Railway Board has constituted committeet to make recommendations on Budget Pronouncements.

  54. Committee has been constituted to decide pay parity amongst Lab Assistants, Librarians & TGTs.

  55. Promotion of Group `D’ staff(Helpers Grade-I and II) in Workshops, Divisions, Diesel/Electrical/EMU Loco Sheds and Production Units against Direct Recruitment Quota.

  56. Record note of discussions during the High Power Committee Meeting with AIRF to review the duty hours of Running Staff and other safety categories.

  57. Retention of Railway Quarters by Railway officers/staff posted to ECR & NWR.

  58. Earmarking of posts for promotion of non-Appedix 3 qualified Accounts Assistants in the merged cadre of Sr. SO(A/cs) and SO(A/C)s

  59. Safety Related Categories covering safety categories with Grade Pay Rs 1900.

  60. Issue of Schoo pass- railway employee can get School Pass four months in advance.

  61. Revision of Rates of stipend to apprentices and trainees on Railways.

  62. Proposal to take options from Railway Catering Staff absorbed in IRCTC

  63. Medical Decategorization of staff issuance of proper certificate.

  64. Increase in the rates of stipend paid to Engineering Graduates/Diploma Holders doing trade apprenticship.

  65. Harrasment of AC staff working in superfast trains.

  66. Reservation while engaging Act Apprentice in Indian Railways.

  67. Reservation while engaging Act Apprentice in Indian Railways.

  68. Periodical transfers of Assistant Stock Verifires.

  69. Recrutiment of sports person against sports quota through talent scouting.

  70. Surrendering of Higher Grade Posts-Railway Board agreed with the view point of AIRF.

  71. Placement of Pharmacist in entry grade Rs. 4200 on completion of 2 years service in GP Rs. 2800.

  72. Minutes of 44th meeting of PREM held on 28.04.11.

  73. Grant of Fixed medical Allowance to pensioners from Rs. 100 to Rs. 300-Clarification reg.

  74. Commercial Circular No. 29 of 2011- Unreserved ticketing system Prevention of probable fraud.

  75. Enhancement in the rate of various allowances by 25% as a result of enhancement of Dearness Allowance w.e.f. 01.01.11..

  76. Ad-hoc promotion of staff in construction & other projects.

  77. With the efforts of AIRF High Power Committee has been constituted to review duty hours of running staff and other safety related staff.

  78. Issue of Privilege Pass/PTO & Post Retirement complimentary Pass in the next year's account.

  79. Grant of Medical Facilities to dependent relatives-raising income limits.

  80. Delegation of Powers to General Managers of Zonal Railways in respect of CG Appointments.

  81. Clarification regarding increase in certain allowances by 25% as a result of enhancement of DA-Effective Date:01.01.11

  82. Extension of scheme for "Honorary Visiting Specialist" in Railway Hospital.

  83. Yardstick for opening of Additional Passenger Reservation counters.

  84. Railway Board referred MACP benefits on promotional posts having same grade pay to DOPT.

  85. Laying down of cooling down period for two years between two postings on sensitive seats.

  86. With the efforts of AIRF High Power Committee has been constituted to review duty hours of running staff and other safety related staff.

  87. Payment of Composite Transfer Grant/ RBE76/2011 -Clar. reg.

  88. Extension of scope of family pension to widowed/divorced unmarried daughter and dependent disabled siblings of Central Government employee-Clar. reg.

  89. Amendment of provision related to Railway Staff Benefit Fund-Ch. 8 of IREC-Vol.-I.

  90. Corrigendum 20.05.11-Relaxation for Loco Pilots declared with type II Diabetes-Para 509, 512 of IRMM has been amended.

  91. Overtime allowance has been Granted consequent upon implementation of 6th CPC-effective date-01.01.2006.

  92. New Rates of Night Duty Allowance w.e.f 01.01.2011.

  93. Relaxation for Loco Pilots declared with type II Diabetes-Para 509, 512 of IRMM has been amended.

  94. Incentive for acquiring higher education for Group C employees.

  95. Questionaire on strengthening the training environment.

  96. Cut-off date for minimum educational qualification for recruitment in GP 1800 has been extended uptill 31-07-2011..

  97. Grant of advance increments to Stenographers for acquiring higher shorthand speed.

  98. Incentive limit increased to 70% in CLW.

  99. Grant of family pension to the childless widow of deceased rly. employee after marriage-Clar. regarding.

  100. Conducting of Selection suitability test in Regional Language.

  101. State Railway Provident Fund ROI during 2010-2011.

  102. Minimum Educational Qualification for sportspersons for recruitment against sports quota.

  103. Comparison of grades of running staff with those of stationary staff for the purpose of Group B selection.

  104. Retention of Railway Accomodation on educational grounds will cover current academic session plus fifteen days in case of permanent transfer.

  105. AIRF gets two extra slots for Women in Railway Board PNM.

  106. Works under PH-51 and PH-52 will be finalized after consultations with staff side.

  107. Haj 2010-Deputation of Haj Assistant to Consulate General of India - Jeddah.

  108. Maintenance of Staff quarters/colonies-ensuring "basic facilities" and activation of colony committee.

  109. Implementation of recommendation of 6th CPC-Merger of grades Revised classification and mode of filling of posts of catering.

  110. Recruitment Process under LARSGEES will be processed twice in a year.

  111. Payement of Dearness Allowance to Railway Employees revised rates effective from 01.01.2011.

  112. Constitution of selection committee while selecting non-gazetted staff.

  113. Promotion to the post of Lab Supdt.- Gr. III-Medical Deptt.

  114. Selection for promotion to Group B post of Assistant Nursing Officer with Grade Pay Rs. 5400.

  115. Counting of period spent on Extraordinary Leave as qualifying service-Clarification regarding.

  116. Honorarium to PREM staff to be decided by Railway concerned.

  117. Extension to the arrangement relating to provision of reimbursement of expenditure incurred on Dental Treatment.

  118. Year Ending Pass for 2010 will be given as per revised entitlements.

  119. Year Ending Pass for 2010 will be given as per revised entitlements.

  120. Increase in the rates of Stipend Paid to Trade Apprentice.

  121. Minimum service period for sportsperson's inter railway transfer reduced to 5 years from 10 years.

  122. Out of turn promotions to sports persons on sports account - Clar. regarding.

  123. Staff Benefit Funds will continue to staff getting MACP.

  124. Revised Rules of Entitlement on Privilege Pass/Duty Pass/Complimentary Pass for Gazetted Officers in Railways.

  125. Clarification regarding-Child Care to female Railway employees.

  126. Rates of Dearness Relief for Railwaay employees who continuing to draw pay in pre-revised scales.

  127. AIRF gets one more chance for staff with pre-revised qualifications for Selection of JE against intermediate quota.

  128. Guidelines for Conducting typewriting test on computer for promotion of Cleark to Sr. Clerk against LDCE quota.

  129. CGEGIS-Tables of Benefits for savings fund for the period from 01.01.2011 to 31.12.2011.

  130. Entitlement of Railway Accomodation based on Revised Pay Scales after 6th CPC.

  131. Payment of Ex-Gratia lump sum compensation to the families of employees, who die in harness on duty.

  132. With the Efforts of AIRF, Railway Board has issued orders for reckoning of Running Allowance as pay for the purpose of deduction of Income Tax.

  133. AIRF PNM Feedback: Refund of Security Deposit procedure eased.

  134. Conditions for reengagement of retired staff on daily remuneration basis.

  135. Minimum Educational Qualification for Recruitment in Group D GP Rs. 1800.

  136. Railway Board Orders on the Entitlement of Passes/PTOs on the basis of Pay drawn after sixth pay commission.

  137. Delegation of powers to the General Managers and withdrawal of 3 and 5 year service condition for inter-railway transfer.

  138. Secretarial Assitance to PREM affiliates-Board's Order.

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