Cadre Restructuring For Railway Employees

  1. Feedback of Cadre Restructuring meeting held on 22.02.2013 with the Railway Board.

  2. Record notes discussion in respect of Meeting held on 18.07.2012 regarding Cadre Restructuring of Group C categories on Indian Railways.

  3. Massive demonstration at Parliment by AIRF yielded great results in CRC MEETING. Feedback on the meeting of the CRC held on 11.4.2012

  4. Corrigendum on Cadre Restructuring meeting feedback letter posted earlier.

  5. Feedback of Cadre Restructuring meeting held on 17.10.2011 at 15:00 hrs in New Delhi.

  6. Federations demands that Distribution of percentage of posts for cadre restructuring - CRC Meeting held on 20-5-2011 - % of Commercial Clerk/Ticket Checking Staff may be revised.

  7. Feedback on 3rd meeting of Cadre Restructuring held on 20.05.11.


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