Career Progression of Railway Staff

Career progression of the staff working in GP Rs.1800

Reply of Railway Board in respect of reference of AIRF

Acquiring of requisite qualifications by Trainees in -IS Pay Band and others

Latest News About Trackmen and LARSGESS Scheme

Latest updates about Promotional Avenues of Trackmen and LARSGESS Scheme

Meeting of DC/JCM Reschuduled

Due to unavoidable reasons; DC/JCM Meeting, which was slated to be held on 12-13 April, 2018, has been rescheduled for 19th and 20th April, 2018.

Congratulations !

In a contest against NFIR, RMU, Kamgar Sena and BRMS, National Railway Mazdoor Union (an affiliate of AIRF) has won the elections of the Konkan Railway with overwhelming majority. Hearty congratulations to Com. Venu Nair and his entire team.


Revision in the rates of KMA and ALK for running staff

Latest Rly. Board Orders

Appointment on Compassionate Grounds – Priority No. 1 case- reg – RBE No. 181/2018

Inclusion of a Parent as well as "Medical Attendant" in Special Passes issued on medical grounds in favour of minor children of railway employees - RBE 104/2018

Railway Board Order - Rest Rules for running staff

Payment of leave salary to Running Staff in 7th CPC

Recruitment of meritorious sportspersons afresh in higher grade (commensurate with his achievement) without diluting the benefits he has been getting in his previous grade - RBE 106/2018

Grant of Advances- Seventh Central Pay Commission recommendations- Amendment to rules on House Building Advance (HBA) to Railway servants RBE 101/2018

Committee for selection of Instructors/Trainers in training institutions - RBE 93/2018

Norms/procedure for future promotion in the unified cadre of Track Maintainers - RBE 85/2018

Grant of Overtime Allowance (OTA) to Railway employees consequent upon revision of pay scales and allowances - date of effect - RBE 77/2018

Appointment on compassionate grounds- Suitability Test- regarding - RBE 81/2018

Grant of Advances- Seventh Central Pay Commission recommendations- Amendment to rules on House Building Advance (HBA) to Railway servants

Promotional Avenue of ESMs in S&T Department - RBE 48/2018

Grant of Risk and Hardship Allowance and Special LC Gate allowance to Track Maintainers posted as Gatemen- clarification reg - RBE No. 34/2018

Providing opportunity, for submitting representation, to the employees who have been awarded below “Very Good” Grading in their last three years’ APARs (for the purpose. of MACPs) – RBE No. 29/2018

Amendment to Para 122 of IREM- Provision regarding filling up posts of Station Masters RBE 22/2018

Implementation of Government’s decision on the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission – Revision of pension of pre-2016 retired running staff RBE 13/2018

Grant of House Rent Allowance to Railway employees posted to new Zonlas/ncw Divisions- Regarding - RBE 26/2018

.....other recent orders

AIRF References

Change in the designation of Train Guard – AIRF’s PNM Item No.54/2015

Restructuring of the IT Cadre on the Zonal Railways, PUs and RDSO etc.

Brief of the meeting held on 3rd September, 2018, with Hon’ble Minister for Railway and Memorandum on the Burning Issues of Railway Employees

Norms/procedure for future promotion in the unified cadre of Track Maintainers

Correction in the Concordance Table in respect of Loco & Traffic Running Staff – Reg.

Guiding norms for imposition of punishment on LPs/ALPs in cases of Passing Railway Signals at Danger(SPAD) as specified in first proviso to Rule 6 of the Railway Servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rules, 1968(as amended from time to time)

Issues raised by AIRF before Hon’ble MR, MS and DG(P), Railway Board, in the meeting held on 07.02.2018

Charges against the Ticket Checking Staff are very unfortunate and have earned widspread Resentment amongst Staff– AIRF

Continuance of LARSGESS for the appointment of wards of Railway Employees in Railways

Deployment of the wards of the Railwaymen as “Gate Mitras” at the Unmanned Level Crossings

Bringing together all the stations of Northern, North Eastern and North Central Railways in and around Allahabad City area under the administrative control of NCR

7th Pay Commission recommendations - Revision of rates of Over Time Allowance for Railway employees – reg

Admissibility of House Rent Allowance in the event of non-acceptance or surrender of railway residential accommodation

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